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Chapter 11: Why Is Life So Complicated

The complications in life at times can be very depressing and unnerving. It would seem to me from my own perspective and insight that not only is it due to the internal conflict and complexity, but also the external as well. If you take the time to do some internal evaluations of oneself and truly list the pros and cons with an unbiased view of what you do, if at all possible, taking note of one’s own iniquities to truly understand the internal aspects of complications in one’s life that brings strife and some to the point of breaking and making irreparable mistakes. What does it take as you look long and hard at yourself and companions? Do they harm or hinder one’s progression to becoming a better individual or actually compliment one’s attributes with endearing qualities of their own? Your companions can cause your life to have many complications, which would be part of the external factor, if the lives they live and portray are in contrast with your own due to jealousy and envy of what you have and what

they do not have, but in truth, can achieve if they try. There is some truth in what is said. You are like those you choose to be around unless you are of stronger will and nature; a leader, not a follower. Like crabs in a barrel, eventually, you get pulled back down into the muck unless being helped up, instead of dragged down and clowned. I see through my eyes that even though life is complicated and hard, there are things one can do for one’s self that can alleviate and address most situations to ease the stress that is being felt. As I have knelt and prayed for a better way and better day, one should try to better evaluate what is being done—not only in themselves, but also around themselves—and stop playing, using and abusing another to gain moments of fame or monetary things that brings another to the brink of losing it all. To make one fall to get ahead is not the way to be and will only bring misery and pain for a moment’s gain because, in the end, what goes around, comes back around worse than before.

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