Why Are We Here What Is Your Purpose?

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Chapter 12: Do You Think It is a Game

It’s a Game?

Have you not realized yet that it’s far from being a game when playing with someone’s mind? Do they have to find you face down in the mud in a pool of blood for playing

someone like a fool? No longer will I tolerate anyone who would think to violate my mentality or reality with such games. It is a shame to you and me to play in such a manner. Like Bruce banner, you would not like my manner when I get angry. So I lock away that side, which resides in me, to have such hate. Make no mistake as I am a Gemini and you try my patience with such antics and games. Committed with malice, not Alice in wonderland. And we blunder the wonder of creation or station to be nurturers and caretakers, not such destroyers. So as I choose to live and forgive but not forget, don’t make me act a fool. You know the rules as before.

And now as I ply my trade, you shall be weighed and measured as I treasure this life and blessing, he has given us to be living here and enjoy as it is a paradise lost but can be regained if we change our ways, before it is too late, and we pay the price for acting trifle with life. But trust and believe there is no twice go -round as I pound down my fist like a gavel and the gravel in my voice of choice begins to rumble and grumble as you tumble like weeds in the desert. You don’t want a showdown or hoedown. You don’t want to throw down seriously. It’s not a game. And you play it as a joke as people get smoked way too often laid in a coffin, showing no pity for the shitty way we treat each other with no respect. And you expect shit to change, and you stay the same, showing no shame with the games you play, manipulation in every nation, attacking the foundations getting caught red-handed, thinking you can escape like a bandit when the planet gets caught up in the aftermath of the war you cause with dirty tactics and laws that are severely flawed and the day is coming to light, where right and wrong are misconstrued with news told wrong or guessing games being played.

This is not a façade or charades. We are headed in the wrong direction, so as I begin my dissection like a surgeon and purging the lies I see with truth as I know it, will you continue to blow it and throw it all away with the way you play as I am done with these games and lies? I am blessed yet stressed, and I am blessed by our Creator and our Savior with the spirit and hold it near and dear and I do not fear any

of you, as I will do to you as you do to me if you continue, and you will pay the price, not me. You will burn if you do not learn because it’s not a game, it’s not a joke. Life is a gift and a blessing, and I find deceit at every turn. Will you learn or burn what is the true agenda, trying to hold on to power as the hour draws near and the corruption is evident and ever so present in politics and government? The finger-pointing, name-calling, and game playing are sickening.

How long do you think people will fall sway as I pray it gets better and not worse with this mass confusion? I begin this transfusion to hopefully avert what I see coming down the road, if things are not changed and made right. I light this beacon of hope as this nation supposedly under God let such fraudulent things continue. Catering to godlessness and atheism in schools and every corner, rocking the foundation of this nation that should and could be so much more, allowing unions of man on man and woman on woman like the horrors of Sodom and Gomorra. Do we not learn from past mistakes? It is not a game or a joke, so be warned. I see the lust and disgust of it all, but I am not one to judge. But I am giving you forewarning as you disregard the laws of our God in heaven. And wonder why things go awry in this live.

I see the signs of times ever so clearer as it draw nearer to an end and new beginning.

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