Why Are We Here What Is Your Purpose?

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Chapter 14: Creation

To be bound by man -made restrictions and constrictions,

binding yourself to that which you can feel, touch, or see

and there is much more to you and me than the eye can see

or you could ever imagine. If I was to go by others’ train of thought, then these words I write are nothing but meaningless prattle. But as I do not allow myself to be blinded or bound by these thoughts or word and I have seen and felt so much more than you can imagine or hope. I have been blessed with the gift to express in such a way that I will simply say in no way do I presume to say that I am above or better than you in any way, but I will plainly say that goes in reverse or vice versa as well. You have had your fun and played your games, but the time is done. I am awake, and no snake or fake as I make that known.

And you are not slick. I won’t be tricked in this hive of killer bees as I strive to survive this mess of a life and not act trifle, seeking my true queen and wife. You can screw around if

you want. I won’t taunt or flaunt. Don’t want your cash, jewels, or materialistic things. I do find things intriguing as it seems

I have been given such a gift that my perception of things would seem drastically out of place while I watch humankind race toward destruction at such a fast pace. I truly feel sorrow for those that chose to lose as they refuse to believe as I do to receive my gift that he has given and promised to all that choose to believe. That is really all it takes to not be a snake or fake. Wake up and accept that which our Creator offers, accept him and his forgiveness that our Savior died to provide us with to be forgiven and heard at his side.

So many ask and wonder how things could happen as they do. As you truly believe and accept him, does he care? Yes he does. As I truly know and accept this and prove this in my own mannerism and actions even though wild and at times very mild, we all have our doubts and questions. But I know and truly believe and accept my Father in heaven and as my Lord and Savior. The only reason I have minded my behavior and been gifted as such. Who is it who has turned their back? It has been us, not him. He has proven his love for us time and again, and we have fallen short and far from his grace. But he is ever loving, merciful and kind. If you choose to find your way back to him and stop these actions of godlessness and lack of faith and take your place in creation, your station to be caretakers and nurturers, not destroyers full of lust and greed, and pay heed to his laws and his teachings as he is reaching out to us yet again so what should we do? Have we

been given lesson after lesson, rule after rule, and guide after guide? But we don’t seem to care or listen or pay attention, so

I bid you farewell as you would do well to worry as we bury body after body, friend after friend, son after son, mother after mother, and daughter after daughter.

Ready or not, sooner or later, I can’t even imagine what fate awaits as I debate my own course of action. I feel I could pay you back with ease for how you tease me and abuse me with fire and stone as I am grown. And I thank my Father in heaven for that which I can call my own, which he has given me to cherish. I wish not to perish or let go. As I begin to open up and let you know, I see how you act, the things you say behind my back, and the games you play. It is not a game

I am playing. You are laying your own seed of discord and you reap what you sow, so continue if you wish this game. How will end? Where will it lead as I pray for you? But I tell you,

I know what you do, and if and when I go, I will say, ’Father, they know what they do. They know what they have done, and it is time they pay!”

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