Why Are We Here What Is Your Purpose?

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Chapter 16: Confusion

Can you even attempt to understand how you had me confused as one minute is okay to express how I feel, then the next it is not? My feelings cannot be misleading as

I tread thru this life, slowly gaining hold and understanding my place while landing these blows. It will not stop as I have been given this gift while living to see thru your deception.

What reception have I received from smirks to smiles while I stay in stride on the path that I tread like an infrared beam. Do not make me aim you as my target as I will lay you low with the things that you do. I see thru you like glass. You are transparent down to your soul with every expression, revealing your inner emotions and feelings while dealing these blows in whatever direction. I aim to ease the pain as I gain a grip from one day to the next. I am vexed with the looks and the stares as if you dare to judge or presume. Should I do the same as I could lay blame right at your door for your atrocious actions and games of misdirection trying to hold

me down or sway me the wrong way? But I do not play. I pray that I do not have to act out of place, and trace you in chalk for idle talk or whisper words of ignorance when all I do is hold back these feelings of anger. How I could just pay you in kind for such. It is not a game. I ignore the ignorance for your benefit and mine as I begin to shine the light on this that you do. Believe me. If you feel what I feel, then it is not a game and you shame yourself, me, and our Creator with this abhorrent thing. Because I will not be contained, held back, or led astray as I pray each and every day. By what I see, I know he is real and coming back, however he chooses and

I have chosen the winning side, so watch what you do! I tell you one last final time.

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