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Chapter 17: The Love For Me

Will I ever find the one who is right for me, a love that is true no matter what we go through? It seems obvious to me in this time or place, I face unbeatable odds with so

many frauds and games. I feel lost in a world where love and compassion is unknown. As I grow through the years overcoming any fears and trying to love again, I wonder in the end if true love really exists. I persist for one like me in this day and age, where morals and values no longer exist in a relationship and respect for one another’s feelings are of no concern and burn by the wayside, causing strife between man and wife with feelings of animosity toward each other where none should be. For me, what place is there in this world as I have tried time after time to be the one that is different, showing more than I should, trying to care but receiving nothing in return but lies and deceit and getting the short end of the stick? I grow sick to the core while searching for a love that is pure. While the only cure I see for what ails me is

to allow my feelings and emotions to grow cold and uncaring, daring you to cross me and show in kind the things that I find that you have shown me. Do as you wish to be done and be paid back in kind as what has been shown to me.

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