Why Are We Here What Is Your Purpose?

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Chapter 18: Blessed

I am blessed by the Most High and give praise always to my

Creator and Lord and Savior. Though my behavior may be sporadic at times as I climb from the bottom, have you forgotten while plotting my demise as I rise from the ashes like a phoenix reborn yet torn in twain from the pain and joy I feel being gifted yet dumbfounded, grounded, hounded, pounded, and pummeled but not yielding, maintaining and gaining a grip yet to gain more than I ever imagined, and begin to fashion words given to me to escape the misery I see surrounding me. I thank the Lord above who is my only judge for his love, mercy, and compassion while I fashion these words that I serve. As he resides around and within me and provides me with everything I need, sustaining me through these dark times as I watch the spark within me grow to a point I cannot contain the shine and let loose these sayings while praying as I grow bold and mold these words, I feel a need to be heard. I serve our Father in heaven and thank him

for my blessings and lessons. I have learned while yearning to be more (than) these games you play with lives taken for granted, the seed planted long ago to whom you show your allegiance with the lust and greed, you deceive yourselves and not me. I have tried time and again, and I’m far from being perfect, but yet and still shown love and mercy where none has been shown to me. I have turned my cheek each and every week yet not meek or weak as I begin to speak out and reach out. I have no doubt that I am real. No façade and no game of charades are being played as my cards are being laid on the table. I can either be Cain or Abel. Which shall it be?

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