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Chapter 19: Proud American

By out-of-court settlement, you atone for the bombing of Hiroshima that killed many in the first world war, even though they bombed Pearl Harbor; you even atone to the Native American for decimation of tribes and vicious purging of the Native American and the stealing of their land. But how have you atoned to Black America and Africans (you now call African Americans) which you took from Africa to make your slaves to build this country.

They were enslaved, persecuted viciously, killed, abused, raped, and murdered, and still, to this day, suffer the indignation of slights from white America and had to struggle and fight for over four hundred years. Through discrimination and more to build this nation, fifty to sixty years of half-ass education and so-called help is to make up for four hundred

years of miseducation and abuse. Do not make me laugh at such. Yet we still make it through because we are blessed even though abused and mistreated. You enjoy the fruits of their blood- soaked labor and most of us suffer to survive and you would call us uncivilized and portray us as animals and criminals but we are a product of abuse and lack of reparations in education.

Affirmative action is all you have to offer. Still you groan about that being in use and how long has that even been in effect. How is that supposed to correct the lack of respect and the degradation of a nation you caused with your dirty laws, the pain and the fear you inflicted, and the feeling of inferiority you beat into a whole nation? And still we strive to make it through the backstabbing of our own. I see reparations made to all, but we and our homeland that you have raped and pillaged as if you feel we are of no consequence. How wrong you are. You still feel no need to rectify the situations and tensions you have caused. I, for one, see something wrong with this picture.

So this, that you have done, is enough to take away the feeling of being lost and hopeless in a country that shows lack of concern or respect for the descendants of those who helped build and shape this once great nation that you have today? Such logic to me seems a slap in the face to me and my race, but no matter your tricks or games that you continue to play, I pray for you and yours and mine to wake up. God willing, with or without help, I will make my way through this mess.

I see, I have made my own mistakes, taken my spills and falls, but have been pulled through it all to speak out about what I see going on. God has blessed me, and I am thankful to our

Creator and my Savior.

Carried through by his infinite mercy and grace to begin to take my place, and I shall continue but have no fear unlike most of you. I do not see color. I see actions as we all are one, whether you see it or not. I see that we are brothers and sister no matter the color and our actions to each other must change for the better before it is too late as this hell is growing hot in this melting pot all over the globe!

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