Why Are We Here What Is Your Purpose?

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Chapter 20: You Claim To Be GOD

So you, who would claim to be God. You have much gall to claim that. Do you truly believe you are superior?

In what ways? Intellect? Your claim of godship shows to me that you truly do not know your place or position in this cosmic composition. Even I, being blessed, do not have the gall to claim other than that I am his creature, his child, and

I am his station to be a nurturer and caretaker of creation and not a snake, destroyer, or fake. I have more to learn as I burn with a fire that fuels my ire at those that would think they are high or higher than the one who has created us all in his image. I will not fall like the devil and his ilk for they lost long ago when cast out from heaven.

And if you follow such a route, I feel sorrow for you and hope you learn to change your ways and thoughts as you do not and cannot think that you are God and have the right to

take life as you do. You will pay for such insolence as you may damage the flesh but not the soul and your soul will burn if you do not learn. But I digress as I will not fall that far from grace as to misplace my faith as I make a way through my clouded mind and times grow more troubled as disbelief and immoral ways grow more frequent even though you know and see the truth and the signs of the times. You remain blind, trying to find your way through the dark, straying far from the fold, as his spirit, we hold in each and every one of us, but him, we are not as our world grows hot. It seems most have forgotten or do not care as you dare to compare yourself to the one that gave his son so that even if you fall, you can get back up and stand tall if you accept him as your Lord and Savior and ask for forgiveness that we live this way. All you have to do is accept the salvation that is offered to you as the madness grows and the language barrier from Babel has been broken.

Still we remain divided, undecided, and lost in the wicked ways we choose to follow. Twisted by greed, jealousy, envy, and lust until turned to dust. Lack of faith and misplaced trust, refusing to believe, leads to being easily deceived and being unable to receive relief, allowing the world in which we live fall further into disarray. I pray that you wake from slumber because we blunder the wonder of creation and our station to be caretakers and not destroyers. We wonder why we die or are allowed to suffer—man, woman, or child—blaming the devil or God. We were made free to choose what path we follow, to believe and receive the gifts offered and given freely

for simply giving love and praising him who made us and honor and respect each other who are made in his image!

But we show no trust and a lot of disgust, hate, and anger for our situation and pain that we suffer, asking why it is our own actions, decisions, and lack of compassion that have caused any and all loss we have received.

Why does God let this happen if he does exist? Because we are not robots to be controlled. We are not pets. We are his children and the killing and abuse must stop. We have been taught and been given guidelines, but we refuse to use or follow them. We have examples and lessons of how we should act and treat each other, but we refuse to pay heed or attention, so how can we ask why or how this could happen?

We are killing ourselves with our own ignorance and lack of respect or discipline, saying we are grown and some thinking they are gods but acting like spoiled brats seduced by power, lust, and greed. Are you not punished for breaking the laws of the land you live in and for breaking the laws of our God, Creator, and Father, allowing the precious gift of life to be taken for granted, using and abusing each other?

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