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Chapter 21: Your Flag And Foundation

I can no longer pledge allegiance to a flag and should not to a nation that lay false claims to being a nation under

God, when its leaders are frauds and cheaters, allowing the foundation of this nation to fall, letting laws undermine what was once a boon to its people. How can you claim to be unbiased or not catering to any religious faction, when in truth, your actions cater to atheist and nonbelievers first by banning prayer in schools, forcing those who wish to pray not to?

Next, you allow laws that sanction same-sex marriage. It is bad enough that this union occurs, but to sanction its occurrence as legitimate and done by a nation under God? I have nothing against those that choose this union. To each his or her own, but I will not say I condone it or am fine with it. In my own opinion, it is not acceptable to say you have gay pride or such, when you have no pride in how you were made as man and woman. But I am not one to judge. It is just my own opinion and what I feel must be said as our Father destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for such atrocities, and we wonder why things are happening now?

And I hold no ill will or malice toward any gays or homosexuals. Believe me. It is just not my lifestyle or one that you will get me to say is okay or right when it is not. We are all human, and I presume not to judge, cause if you judge, so shall ye be judged. And to have on your money “In God We Trust” with your greed and lust for power that you use subversive tactics and propaganda to no end to keep people divided instead of united as that demonic face of racism you tried to hide is on the rise and you spend time, money, and effort to reform other nations and your own foundation continues to erode, making law after law with flaw after flaw, wasting people’s hard-earned tax money for your own nefarious desires and agendas, faking concern for world peace with actions of deceit, what actual relief do you provide nations in turmoil, supplying rebels and insurgents whatever they need, if their agenda coincides with yours? And you have the nerve to sanction others that choose to do as you do?

Does the term lead by example mean anything at all? I see an example you hide but is coming out in the open with all your scandals and mishandling of power in these last days!

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