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Why Are We Here What Is Your Purpose?

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Chapter 22: People of Color

I have to ask, while you can mask the lack of pigment with a tan, how can you say such things as I bring to bear these facts? I see when you get mad, you turn red.

When you turn, you turn various shades of brown. When you bruise, you turn black and blue. So I ask you, who is one of color? You are my kin even though your skin lacks my tone. We have grown so far apart that it breaks my heart at times. The callous crimes committed mainly by you but on both sides of the board. Whether you like it or not, we are all one race, one breed and one seed. We are just many shades that have been divided over the ages as war rages across the globe. Through these, I watch and learn.

I must ask, are you so blind that you cannot see how can it be? As I ask even myself how one like me, not highly educated

or well-traveled, no college degree in biology or chemistry, but the simplicity in which atrocities are committed against each other because of nationality, color, or looks is truly disgusting to behold. So as I have said before, whether you believe in creation, God, or a higher power, which I myself believe in

God and his son, who I accept as my Lord and Savior and who died for my sins, so that I may be forgiven, as you progress with science and tech, and search for life afar in the stars above and yet to find any sign. My own opinion and belief is that there is plenty you just do not know exactly what to look for, or where, but such a complex design and balance of what is needed for life to form and exist here, where we stay is proof enough for me of his existence.

That is the only display I need to know even though I have had more than you can imagine to prove to me of his infinite mercy, love, and wisdom. Some would argue needing some concrete logical proof and probably still would not believe. You will not deceive me. I need no such display as my faith and experience and belief are enough, and he has gifted me with his spirit. And as I nurture and grow in it, I am forever thankful and grateful to our Creator in heaven and our Savior. But also, the complexity and need of ecological balance with nature for survival of everything man or beast is even more proof of intelligent design and not chance the need for perfect placement of our world to our sun for life to survive and thrive the need for the right amount of chemical interaction

to produce the air we breathe or to have rain, snow, and sleet; the rotation needed for gravity that keeps you firmly on the ground you walk on. Even the design of something is as simple as a leaf on the tree, with its veins and the function of trees to create oxygen. The complexity of it all is proof enough, I say, once again of design and not the big bang, which would mean everything is here by chance and luck!

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