Why Are We Here What Is Your Purpose?

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Chapter 23: Who Am I

Since my birth on this earth, I have been chasing death with each breath I breathe, bringing me closer to that moment I have at one time been seeking but no longer as I escape this misery you have made for us with your uncaring ways as I praise my Creator and Savior. I am always watching your disregard for life, love, and compassion. When you face choices between these, you usually choose greed. For what

reason do you hide the truth.

I know you hide the fact that you have cure for certain diseases or maladies, but for greed, you choose not to cure these to support your economy or capitalism. For what money is there in creating an effective cure when you can continuously get paid for temporary remedies and keep people in pain and suffering, buffering your pockets with cash to fill your coffers with offers of temporary relief in the belief of population cultivation or control when you hold the power to heal but choose to deal in death. Do you really think you

will get away and not pay the price for playing with the lives of others, acting like you have the right to decide who lives or dies, telling half-truths full of lies while precious lives are lost?

And those that survive are trapped in a sea of despair that cares for none, endlessly struggling against oppressive forces that keep society in a chokehold that slowly strangles the will of its citizens who become as mindless as the drones of a beehive just to survive from 9-to-5, letting emotions grow numb from the steady bombardment of wicked actions seen across the globe. And the faith and fate of humanity is tested through the insanity we suffer. To whose satisfaction are such actions performed while refusing to be deceived by the tricks and lies? I despise such actions of deceit while watching the world grow hot and seasons interchanging and mixing together to the point of not knowing where one ends and the other begins a sign of the times and our Savior’s return.

I have been born into this war -torn society of growing loose morals and values and loss of faith and belief. I hold on to my belief and love of our Creator and Savior for everything he has given me thus far, failing to understand while my eyes have been opened to what is at hand, and it truly amazes me to what degree that so many deny or fail to see, and I myself do not ask why as I hear so many cry as I can see through the games, and it is a shame.

I am grateful, not hateful to be able to see through the lies—and though my mentality may spin as though caught in a whirlwind of despair for how much I care. I do not mind

the pain that at times, feels as bad as a migraine as I gain and learn from the ordeal and thank my Savior and Father in heaven for his many blessings and lessons. I am learning it allows me to know the tricks being done and played, and you act like it is a game. Who is to blame? It really is a shame as I myself am awaken and torn between decision of where to begin my incision like a surgeon to start purging this cancerous disease eating away at society and the world today. As I pray for a way and a better day, I hope I don’t have to make you pay for the way you play with games of the mind and such trickery.

I have been blessed by the Most High as I try to address these issues and begin to ply my trade and gift that I have been given and show my face in this place. I have tried time and again, but understand as I land another blow and grow through and through these games we play, I say to one and all as I stand tall and have done no bitching or whining while slowly climbing from the bottom to the top. It’s my turn as I grab these reigns and take hold, trying not to let my warm heart grow cold as I mold these words that need to be heard and served on a platter. What games are you playing as I look around, gaining ground and checking my surroundings.

I have much to say, but which way to go as I watch some stare and smirk like they think they are better or above me and have the right to judge, yet I smile, staying in stride, thanking my Father in heaven and my Lord and Savior— the only reason I am able to mind my behavior as I open up

and let you know you need to be careful and pay attention to his coming. This I know, and believe it or not as I watch Salem’s lot grow hot and the plot thickens, there is no chicken here.

Don’t make me act a fool. You know the rules as well, as I, and

I choose to win and not lose. As I cruise through this life, looking for my queen worthy of this king to be escaping this misery at my victory. Watching history unfold through eyes half closed but wide awake. If I catch a snake in my midst, his head I will crush with my heel as I praise my Lord in heaven for the sevens he has embedded in me in my mind, body, and soul, while living in these world that has gone astray.

As I speak out of this feeling growing inside of me, so many try to doubt or disillusion me. There will be no intrusion or confusion. It is not a game or charade as I give praise to the Most High. There is no lie. You can feel it or see it in my eyes as I wise up and rise up from the ashes like a phoenix.

Some have trash-talked and used abusive words on me, but as I use this gift and lift my head up and say in more ways than one that he has blessed me with the spirit. I have turned my cheek week after week, but not meek or weak, not an entertainer, but gifted in more ways than one. All praise to him, our Creator and my Lord and Savior. My behavior may be wild at times, yet mild as I smile, thinking of things you can’t imagine. Not just dreams of getting cream, money, moolah, and my queen, but schemes to end the screams of pain and agony of many to have achieved and received such a gift as I lift up my head and say to this feeling even though some may disbelieve or say no.

I know from the signs I have seen, felt, and from the reactions of many and not just a few, it is true and not a ruse, and I chose not to abuse or misuse, I won and I am thankful for the blessing, He has given me and I learn to appreciate and nurture and not destroy the joy I feel and what is growing within me. Even through all the doubt and jests and the way some try to test. As I gauge reactions and see fractions of what truly could be, how can you wonder, why, when you try to twist and turn and try to steal or take what he has given me, which is not for sale or to be given away by me as I make my way through it all. If you even have a clue, then what is it you try to do? Have me misconstrued or screwed? You will pay the price, not me, for such actions as he is watching not just through me, but everywhere I see. But I have shown compassion in the midst of atrocious actions. I choose to try and give you a hand to understand as the sands of time are running out no doubt in my mind as I find my way through this mess being blessed, peeping out what each and everyone is doing.

Life is not a game. It is a shame you play as such, using and abusing each other over color, race, and breed, letting greed, jealousy, and envy take seed, keeping us from being more from shore to shore as wars and famine rage. Turn the page as I stage my entry gently, saying while praying that you open your eyes to the demise. I see with no surprise the lies being told to hold fleeting power as nations rise and fall and all get caught in a melting pot so hot that it is boiling over

as the seasons mix together, not of the norm, and a storm is brewing while screwing creation our station to be caretakers, not destroyers, claiming to be frown but through my eyes I see children doing tit for tat this for that wasting precious time and lives. I am in no way perfect. I have my own sins, scars, and faults and am thankful our Creator sent our

Savior so I may be forgiven for living this way, not only from within, but without a doubt I have accepted my Creator and Lord and Savior as my King and Maker, so not a faker, but caretaker from what I have been given and seen and felt as I have knelt and prayed day after day and continue to do so.

A new age is dawning as I yawn and stretch, not etch a sketch, but the wretched shape I see formed before me. In this war-torn world, as I take a hold and fashion and mold with a dash of compassion and start smashing to rebuild (while I wield this pen in a den of lions, not buying what some have been trying), being falsely accused, misused, and abused in one way or another, as I use this gift I have been given in a different manner, raising the banner of our Lord and Creator high in the sky, coming from a checkered past as I blast through the lies and deception at a mixed reception, cleaning my act while gleaning facts and remaining true to my Creator and Savior through these dark times of loose morals and lost values, I have minded my behavior to a degree, not a simp or chimp, not a pimp or player, a truthsayer, and lie slayer. And you dare compare as I stare I care at times more than I should, roaming through these streets, misunderstood at times, taken

for granted while eyes slanted, and feet planted firmly on the ground, nurturing the seed planted within me by our Creator, not a hater or faker, but caretaker, as I thank our maker for giving me this blessing and yearning for more as I adore my true calling and not falling for your games.

As I tame my own anger for such actions that shame you and me, slowly taking flight with no fright as I fight back the urges of animosity or hate and negate feelings of revenge as hinge on the edge of payback. Placing trust in him who has blessed me with the spirit and thanking him for the sevens embedded in me. Don’t make me break you in two for the things you do. I caught you playing and I’m praying I don’t have to hurt you in any way as I cherish the gift of life he has given me, which you have no right to harm in any form or fashion as I switch gears, saying no fear of you, hear only of our Father in heaven, who has the right to judge not only flesh but also mind, body, and soul as I roll through this life watching strife and trife actions committed all around, watching the signs of the times, knowing I am growing and he is returning.

There is nowhere to run and nowhere for you to hide. Take care of this hour as stars shower. I will not cower as I feel his power.

And I say, Father, forgive me for my sinful ways. But I always give him praise for sending his son who I accept as my Lord and

Savior, so that I may be forgiven and be given eternal life and an ear at his side as I have been balling out of control but getting a grip as I dip thru these city streets, watching and observing

while swerving and serving our Lord and Creator, however,

I can’t watch things get out of hand as man, woman, and child continue to abuse, misuse each other in such a way that is abhorrent in the eyes of our Creator, who is greater than all, while we fall into such a disarray. I pray that we find our way back to his arms before our world is torn asunder, and we blunder the wonder of his creation annihilation for the violations we commit toward him and each other for personal gain, the pain we inflict as some perpetuate, do as though wilt are you serious? So shall it be done unto you, the atrocity that you commit tenfold unfold upon you and your whole ilk down generation after generation, the sorrow, the agony, the pain be done unto you and yours is what you would have? Be very careful, very careful.

Where do I begin as I start to realize that seeing is believing and how deceiving things have been visually demoralizing and demeaning. The meaning as you portray things in a light to sway people away from hidden agenda of the so-called secret elite, but as it has been written, the truth remains in plain sight. The time is coming for an end to this game that has been played. As I myself begin to lay bare the facts, I have gleaned to be true as you continue. Let me be sure that you understand what I am saying as I have been praying for a way out of this misery I see before me.

As I have been awakened to such a sight, as wars raging the staging for final confrontation, demonstrations of ill will as well as good in and out, the hood worldwide in every nation

and its foundation. As the world and people cry out for our

Savior, the behavior I am witnessing is astounding in many ways as the day’s rays of sunshine come and go and the world is in throws of a change has it been preordained as I reign blow after blow of my own as we reap what has been sown and things have begun to have grown out of hand. Where do you stand as we are on the edge of this ledge? Red/white, yellow/black or dark and brown. Different variations in each and every nation. Foundations built upon sand, grand empires rising and falling, appalling behaviors toward neighbors alike! Whether slanted eyed or round as I tear down brick after brick of trickery.

Whether blue-eyed, brown or green, whatever shade or grade. Whether light skinned or dark skinned. As the world spins on its axis and we track this life back age after age and you turn the page of these chapters, the laughter of masters and the tears of slaves, and I brave this new era to erase the terror, the bearer of news as I choose not to lose. The clues I have followed, honey-coated words, I have refused to swallow while we wallow in Satan’s hollow. Many would ask who is to blame. How is it when something bad happens, we blame the devil, or ask God why he let this happen? Do we not understand the gift that was given? To which road you should take or what path to follow? If everything was predestined, then what good would the gift of free will be?

We would be nothing more than an automaton or robot. Nothing more than a simple computer program like

in the matrix, dutifully following only that which we were programmed to do, not the sentient life/beings we are or were created to be. Or the chance to be forgiven for living the way we have been living. As for asking God why he let this happen. God did not make us to control our actions. We do what we do to ourselves. Being faithless nonbelievers and simply not caring, we have had many teacher and teachings.

Living examples and written examples.

Of how we should act or treat each other, but it seems we refuse to listen or pay attention to the signs we have been given, and as for the devil, the only power he holds over you, me, we or us is the lies you listen to and choose to ignore or believe in. And that which you let him have by letting him mislead you into actions to go against what teachings and examples our Creator has shown us to live by. It is your choice, your decision, a gift that has been given. Not to be forced or controlled but to have the chance and option to choose for ourselves what road we take and mistakes we make.

And to be forgiven for wrong decisions and actions, if we choose to ask! Since the death of our Savior, the Messiah, our King and Lord. And if we wish to change, ask, and accept the sacrifice that has been made for us to fall under grace and not the law. So again, it is we, who allow this to happen to us. It is we who choose to be, but in the end, it is our Creator who will judge us, not you or me with our bias opinions of each other. It is we, as humans, who do this to each other with our

lack of respect for life and concern for each other’s well-being and me myself.

I believe this is just the beginning part of life in which we live where my actions here and now determine what happens in the hereafter after this is over and we leave this plane of existence since I myself believe that this is not all there is and that this is only the beginning to the life that my Creator has breathed into me and has blessed me with to be a part of him and his creation my station to create, not destroy. As I journey through this life, strife with war, visual and physical and mental from within to without, there is no doubt in my mind as I find my way. I have prayed for release as I begin to seize a hold and mold these words like clay, this game I see being played, whether as if like chess playing people like pawns. As I yawn and stretch the wretched sight I am seeing and not believing but receiving such a blessing, learning my lessons day in and out, and do my own walkabout.

Will we ever learn how not to burn as the word turns on its axis? The fact is what makes you feel that you can do what you choose and never lose? To abuse and misuse each other the way we do. Do you really believe after this there is nothing else? That we are here by chance and there is no meaning?

This world teeming with life and the universe our earth exists in. It is known that all will hear and see but few will listen and believe. So deceive yourself if you will, but not me. What will it take to shake loose of evil’s grip as our world slips ever closer to Armageddon, the final setting, never forgetting what

my Father and Lord has done for me, slowly breaking free of the mental and physical chains that bind me. Link by link while putting together God’s armor chink by chink. In these last days, watching mankind’s wicked ways unfold before my eyes, as I rise from broken scattered pieces, it ceases to amaze me and there is no surprise to our demise as surmise the damage being done from us, who are his children, made in his image and the killing I am seeing.

Such a waste of precious life, and we hasten our own destruction with the construction of weapons of mass destruction. What will it take for us to wake as a whole and make a difference, looking for deliverance from up high for this wicked state of life we live in, wandering the earth lost and unforgiving, reliving sins from past to present in a seemingly endless cycle of madness and sadness that needs to be broken. I am hoping to reach out with these words that

I hope are heard as I serve it on a platter to shatter the lies holding the wool over the eyes of so many. Can we break free of this misery I see before me as we hold the power in this dark hour from our Creator to be greater than what we are to this day? I pray as we stray far from his grace in this place, if we do not change, it has been preordained, the pain with no gain from the times of our forefathers to the life as we know it now will end in fire as we are consumed by our desires showing no concern for our children, siblings, or sires.

No idols or engraven images saeth our Lord God so what concern is it of the color or race of our messiah as

visually we have been deceived from the paintings of old of pharaohs kings and queens of Egyptian decent, what should be important is the message and way of life he taught the pain he went through to show his love for us and we continue to disregard, abuse and misuse each other showing lack of respect for our women and children in all walks of life, who is more precious than a child unknowing and guiltless in the eyes of our Creator? To you and me, they look for guidance and do we teach them love or hate as we wait for the return of our Savior? What fate do we leave them with a world full of hate animosity and racial facial discrimination what foundation do we build, as we visually, physically, and mentally assault each other, it seems of sand, so out of hand have things gotten and rotten to the core.

Have we forgotten the teachings of love and compassion while I fashion this blade in this trade for war of the mind?

While others fashion weapons of war for mass destruction and corruption runs rampart through the highest positions in world governments across the globe and we hold these truths to be self-evident (of what?) and presidents take residencies, causing calamities across humanities, clashing with each other as innocent casualties pile up, will we continue upon this path, earning the wrath of our maker, as nature and creation alike suffer from the blows and the world is in the throes of woes from those actions? And we are supposed to be caretakers of creation? But facing annihilation for violations committed with no remorse for the course we follow. I hear so many

Words, but most seem hollow. I can no longer swallow lies so easily told in a world that’s so cold.

As I begin to hold up my head, looking through these eyes, as I rise up and wise up. As my mind begins to clear and the years seem to pass with the blinking of an eye and

I try to make sense of it all. Slowly arriving, surviving, and growing, knowing something is wrong with this picture I see. Surrounded in a sea of animosity causing me to wonder why man could so easily blunder and plunder the wonder of creation. Our station to have dominion, in my opinion, is a blessing we continually misuse and abuse, taking for granted the power and gift we have been given. Do we really deserve to be forgiven for this living and how effortlessly we waste life that is more precious than money and gold or than anything we hold more dear as it becomes ever so clear? But such is the way of our true Creator and his love and compassion for us, his children, for us to be forgiven. And we continue the killing of each other because of color, greed, and lust. To what end can you justify such actions? And you would claim to be chosen or better? As I type each letter, because of what reason are such treasonous actions are committed? And the terror you cause by the error of your ways? And how you use visualization and manipulation of words to confuse facts to cause acts of such degradation in each and every nation? Are you having fun?

When it’s all done, do you think you can run to outer space and find a place to hide? When his spirit resides in everything

he has made, there is nowhere you can go, or nothing you can do that he does not know as you show exactly where your allegiance lies as I begin to tie the loose ends together and tether such a tie that binds one another who are brother, sister, father, mother, daughter and son alike, and so on down the line. The time is coming. The vibe is vibrating. The trumpet is playing, and I myself am hearing as we are nearing an age.

The stage is being set. The marionettes are dancing as the puppet masters are pulling their strings and things are being brought into the light that was once in the dark. And I come to my own realization and begin to play my position using the gift I have been given by our Creator who is greater than all, and I begin to stand up tall, appalled at what I am bearing witness to. You, me, and we are in this together to the very bitter end. As I try to mend broken bridges between races, different faces, and variations of one nation under God, this civilization as we call it. Where is the civility in the brutality and casualties of our wars?

So before it’s all over and I’m in and out because there is no doubt, I have been waiting to roll out since the day I was born that fateful morn, mind torn with thoughts that could consume my very being lost in a world ruled by greed fed and consumed by lies that fly easily from the tip of the tongue, wanting me to believe a nation of equality under god but refusing to be deceived as I watch many family grieve as their children bleed and greed has this nation and

many more muddled in foreign affairs while its own foundation crumbles from within, hearing the cries while my eyes open, hoping it’s not too late as I wake and realize how far we all have fallen. Taking for granted the gift we have been given, and we continue live apart from his grace. Will He not embrace all that face their sins and ask for forgiveness? Can we all that believe not trace each and every race back to the tower of Babel and Cain and Abel the very fable that split us into fractions factions of what we once were before we chose to reach too far and be scarred in such a way that unto this day we still are sundered? Have we forgotten and become so rotten with greed that we no longer pay heed to what is written in stone? Once again, thinking we are grown and all I am seeing is boys with malicious toys of destruction easily destroying the gift of life are we so trife that we cause all this strife with no remorse for the course that is chosen; claiming to have come so far, yet regressing to barbaric actions. To whose satisfaction do we continue such a degree of animosity? For what reason do we commit such a treason to each other? Whether you believe in evolution or creation, the relation is undeniable from Adam and Eve if you believe in creation. To the smallest entity of the belief in evolution is the only solution to the pollution of our souls is to die for the way we lie, steal and deal poorly with each other. Have we not learned to play with fire, is to be burned, do we not have the power of choice, is this what you want? What we choose to

be? So, like it was written in the beginning with this knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt surely die and we have the nerve to wonder why it is so? When we know right from wrong but regularly chose the latter do we even understand all that our world has to offer from the darkest crevice to the deepest ocean and we reach for the stars not knowing or learning how to heal our hidden wounds racing to destruction with the construction of weapons of war. Brilliant minds wasted on wicked thoughts and actions. What if all your knowledge, time and skill was spent with better intent could we not heal the sick, feed the hungry house the homeless? And eventually populate the very stars you wish and dream under, instead of blundering and plundering the wonder of the creation of this life we live? Just food for thought that I believe our God has blessed me to feel and say. God Blessing and Love to all who are his children and my family.

So as I begin to speak out, no doubt in my mind while watching the signs of the times with the seasons intermixing, not missing my cue as you continue to treat life like a game of chess, using pawns against pawns, testing the emotional waters of our world and tempers flare ever hotter, we hang on the edge of destruction because of the games you play with lives that are not yours to abuse instead of looking for cures like Louie pastor you choose to cause cancerous disease for basic needs to feed your greed, but I have found a way to pay

you back for how you acted and to ease my pain and gain a hold while loosening your grip by molding these words like clay in the hands of a master artisan at work, thanking my Creator in heaven for the sevens embedded in my brain and soul, waiting to roll while traveling through life at a speed to pay heed to what is written in stone because I have grown, not your child, even though at times I act wild and rather mild, while you constrict me with your laws and lies, binding me like the snake that you are with your restrictions on my freedom.

It never ceases to amaze me, refusing to let you phase me as my God has made me, not a product of any man-made theory. Hear me as I thank him for his grace, for the place and life he has given me with the gift to compose pieces of art like Mozart but formulated in words that need to be heard, showing my heart as I do my part, creating motion like waves in an ocean for what I crave to never be a slave in this madness you call civilization, having the nerve to accuse others of savagery when history tells all if truly read and understood. I will be free of this misery you cause with your inhumane atrocities that makes this blessing of life a living hell as you label everything for sale even that which you don’t own taken by force and the course you plot is clear. You will see no fear when looking into my eyes for I try every day to make peace with my Creator to be sure of my place is greater after this life in which we act trife, squandering the joys with wicked ploys, toys, and abuse. Ahh, the misuse of what is precious.

To what means do we demean ourselves who are supposed to be in his image? You would say to yourself, not me, do not lie, you only kid yourself as I know of my own accord, I fall short of his grace. But make it my place to forever be indebted and ask for forgiveness and grace that I live this mess we call life and try to change my actions for the better of myself and fellow human beings as we are of one breed and one fateful deed. That we fall to this greed and obsession with power when we have no right to control others’ lives. Who am I and who are you to say what is good for me? If you think you can, then should I not also tell you what is good for you? I am not your child and you are not mine, but we are kin, whether you accept it or not. As I said before, you only lie to yourself. I refuse to kid myself or to lie to you. Realize what you do and how far we have fallen. We could be so much more, but yet, we fail so badly by this savagery we commit in each and every city, nation, and village. To pillage and plunder because you can? Such nonsense knowing that you would not appreciate such deeds committed against you or yours, but we are the ones to blame not God or the devil.

We, as humans, who have been given freedom of choice, and we make these stupid choices and wrong decisions to treat each other as inconsequential and meaningless when all have meaning and positions to play in this life. And is not to be taking for a game or lightly. We have barely even scratched the surface of this that we call living, and I fear we will not get far on this road that we travel as I begin to unravel and

travel far and wide not to hide this feeling inside. And I begin growing and showing, knowing while these words start flowing, throwing my all in this gift. To lift up, not trod down, coming around to my senses in these sentences and more. As games are run to manipulate and violate each other who are brother, mother, sister, father, son, and alike, white, yellow, or black, as we attack and smack, the fact remains the pains and the stains as I gain a hold and we mold clay, lay, and play with each other to smother one’s dreams, whether screams are heard.

This shepherd, as I lock and take stock, not in a glock nine, but in rhyme and in time, as I shine and take time, not rewind but press forward, taking faith as small as a mustard seed to the very molecule, the ridicule, and visual abuse, the misuse of simple actions down to the smallest vibration striations from radiation nations tumult in a whirlwind of sanctions, anxiously waiting our Savior’s return as I yearn to be free of this misery, not mystery, as we go through history, finding facts and traces, seeing faces, what stasis are we in from atoms to Adam and Eve this. Eve, as I receive my own blessings, the lessons we learn as the world turns on its axis, facts and fables, the tables, whether Cain or Abel, the blood that is shed is red as we tread down this path, do we laugh at the wrath or bathe in relief of the belief of the second coming. I am wondering of the rapture as I capture your mind state, shall I relate as we wait for the return of our Creator the things I bring to bear. Yes, I care, do you dare? Compare as I stare, weary-eyed, for

we have come to a point, a state of affairs. I dare say as I say unto you at the edge of this ledge. Red, white, yellow, or black!

The facts that I track back to the beginning of time in this rhyme remain the same, the shame as many want to claim they are gods, kings, queens, pharaohs as I nock this arrow in my bow and take aim, such claims as the flames of war games begin to burn and we come across, are we lost to the point of no return as I yearn to learn more. What about you and me, and we can come together and be what we are meant as I lend my hand into this mess. The stress as I begin to address issues abroad and I nod to you and you the things we go through. What a mess. Yes, I am God blessed and through this looking glass, not Alice in wonderland, but, man, how you blunder as I thunder and lay blow after blow for what do you know? As we go through the ages, the stages of life!

And the actions we make or take as we rape this world of its resources from horses to whales, the gales of wind blows the throes and the woes of gigantic tsunamis from volcanic eruptions to corruption alike, we, who are akin while the earth spins and gravity keeps us terra firm from the worm to the fly, as we try to coexist. We mix and mingle, as I light a single flare! Beware as my own eyes focus, and I begin to pinpoint each and every action has its own reaction from contraction to contraption this caption as I write this little fellow so mellow I begin to bellow out come about don’t be foolhardy. As the party has just begun, trumpets blaring, are you caring

as I begin bearing down. Not playing, but I’m saying it to you one and all. Atheist/Christian/Muslim/Jew, are you a believer or not.

Spiritualist/new age/Buddha/Kemetian/alien, whatever, this world, we all are one. The atrocities committed city by city, nation upon nation. What is this that we do, you, me, and we, as we go through life, searching for meaning, looking from within or to the stars from bars and cars driving to what point are we arriving, some starving, others carving out their own mark as I spark this ignition on my own mission, wishing upon a star close yet far away. I pray the day comes sooner than later as tempers flare on either side of the equator that we get it together before it’s too late as the hourglass sands trickle down can we mankind turn around and do an about face! Not to erase but replace past transgressions and say lessons learned and earn our place on this earth a rebirth, not a hearse or a curse, let’s not go in reverse! As we live and breathe on this earth and traverse this universe, will we be a burden, curse, virus, or plague as I refuse to be vague.

The way we act thus far, as if nothing else matters, other than money and power over others manipulating, violating, annihilating each other as a way of living instead of giving, caring, sharing to have one staring down the barrel of a gun. To be a menace as I pen this and condemn this way of acting.

This thinking of being a gangster, nay I say a prankster, hiding behind weapons that threatens one’s existence. Pistol-packing punks, dare I say, claiming to be men or women, what have

you, needing brute force to enforce your will, what swill. As I deal this blow among many, how uncanny as many fall to so few, and you cause many a mother, father, brother, and sister to cry as children die for a lie. As I try to explain and refrain from being abusive, but such coarse corrosive attitudes at every level of latitude and longitude at every angle as many get tangled in such a web of destruction and deceit, with no relief in sight, what a blight, what a plight to be in.

What does it take for you to understand that racism or hatred in any form is born of your ignorance and lack of knowledge? You, who would believe that you are better than another because of color of skin or nationality, what reason do you think this are? What action can you do that cannot be done by another? With the same knowledge or training? This sickness that you suffer to gain enjoyment is out of the degradation of another. The false sense of power because your own life and destiny is out of control or context.

I find it interesting that if and when you are put through the same pain and trials. It is no longer fun or enjoyable, but despicable or deplorable. So how could you possibly think you are any better than the next? Don’t waste your life in a lie full of hate being brainwashed and lost when your life could be spent better achieving greater goals for the good of humanity and escape the insanity of such vane way of thinking and downfall of humanity and to find the true meaning in actions of compassion and understanding. To make better the world we struggle to live in. If you spent such energy, maybe you

could discover the answer to longevity or even interstellar travel. There is no limit to what could be achieved, if you took the time to focus on what is truly important. Hate and anger are wasted emotions that are a big part of what leads us down the road to destruction.

And if we do not get control of such detrimental emotions, then surely we have and will fail to be the best that we can ever hope to achieve, wasting what little bit of brainpower we use, failing miserably to ascend to a higher state that we were meant for, being made in his image. But our actions continue to make us less, and we remain factions and fractions of what we were meant, separated and divided by lies spread across the globe, whether visually or verbally assaulted through the ages as the spiritual war rages and you turn the pages of this book. Hook, line and sinker, this deep thinker that I have become, following a trail of breadcrumbs, to come to this conclusion, refusing the abusing bombardment of apparitions and superstitions alike, banishing my own demons, sending them screaming, steaming, and teeming with fear as I eradicate and annihilate abhorrent thoughts within the deepest darkest crevices of my own mind and find the light to write these words that need to be heard and served as I believe in his word and the truth of his law as well as his grace to take my place as I trace my own lineage back to the motherland of whence we all came, no feeling of shame, not pointing a finger of blame, but as I tame rampart thoughts that whirl through my brain and train to take aim as I fire volley after

volley and round after round to pound and grind down trickery of imagery meant to have me bent, and I lend my own cry to this outrageous façade or charade as many parade around, claiming while looting, shooting, and hooting, I have been vibrating and waiting while others gyrating for my turn as I learn to release this pent-up frustration for violations I see, causing this misery to be.

As I free my mind and take flight as I write, thanking our Creator and my Savior for this blessing and lessons I leant as I grow older, my words ever bolder and I shoulder not a burden but don a crown of king and bring to bear this gift and try to uplift and mend rifts that drift so far apart, we are one under the sun/son on this earth that we live. And I give praise to our Creator who is greater than all! Thanking him for my Savior, the only reason I mind my behavior… the perfect love, the perfect gift, the perfect role model, or idol, but not the images or paintings we see; for it is said in the law, no engraven idols or images shall ye worship but the essence of his presence and the message he came to give that we live in harmony and peace with all of creation our station.

And these violations committed in each and every nation, the wasting and debasing of life no matter the color, nationality, or breed. Such a waste of precious life, the gift we have been given to be living and the possibility of being forgiven for living life, man or wife taking life for granted with every breath we breathe like the leaves of a tree life, giving process the balancing act of symbiosis in eco living

the giving and taking while making our way. I pray for clear way each and every day as the years fly in and out seemingly ever faster and the seasons seem to linger ever longer and this feeling grows stronger while watching every reaction and interaction from factions or fraction to whose satisfaction are these actions committed to be split apart down the middle, causing a division and confusing to be abusing and using refusing to change. As I arrange and reorder these pieces of this puzzle to paint a picture not perfect but dissect this disorder and pinpoint the issues at hand as I believe our Savior is returning soon whether people believe it or not with everything going on as of date and we wait, would hate for you to be left behind as I try to remind you all as spring lingers into summer and summer into fall and fall into winter a reminder to be kinder to one and all.

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