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Chapter 24: Acceptance

Sometimes, it is hard to accept when things change, especially if it’s always been your way. Trust me there will be days in your life when it all seems to twist and turn and you yearn for that silver lining. When those gloomy days have you down, try to realize you are not alone and when things seem the worst and your life feels cursed instead of blessed and life has you stressed, take a minute, clear your mind, find solace in prayer knowing it will be heard. It may not be answered when you want it but it has always been when you need it the most. As is the will and way of the most high God of Israel. Even though I may have failed him, he has never failed me. Be true to yourself and him and He will be true to you. Learn acceptance for the things you cannot change and to change the things you are able. Life might be easier and less full of grief you may find relief in your belief and higher power if you stand strong and hold on. Learning when to let things go and show compassion after a fashion not letting it get out of hand but to understand that you can make a change for the better or a difference in someone’s life, if you try some may ask why, even try. How would you feel if you were facing a situation that could be avoided and something could have been done but nothing was done?

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