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Chapter 25: Friends

So many associates, few friends as my amazement never ends watching friends and associates alike take advantage of another for personal gain if given the chance. But when the tables are turned, they feel spurned and wonder why? Others play the same game and others smile enjoying the pain and sorrow they cause. When a true friend would see you through your time of need, paying heed to your emotional pain, lifting you up when you are down and turning your frown into a smile. Always by your side, won’t hide when you’re wrong or right let you know on sight. Won’t lie or cheat but treat you with honor and respect. Through the trials and tribulations that life brings to bare, a true friend whether physically or mentally, there you can count on them to be around in your time of need, sharing in the precious moments of your life that one savors without being a burden or taking advantage of you and your situations.

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