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Chapter 26: Misery

They say misery loves company which has been shown day after day remember you reap what you have sown saying your grown but acting like a child when things don’t go your way as I pray for better days while watching the ways of mankind trying to find meaning amongst the madness, glad this gift of life has been given to me slowly escaping the misery that tries to surround and pound me down to the ground holding my head high while praising the most high God of Israel. Seeking forgiveness from him for my sinful ways while thanking him for all the days through my life, He has always been with me no matter the situation I have been facing only by his grace have I been able to face the trials and misery that wish to see me fail, they pale in comparison to his love, grace and glory so stand strong when the days seem too long to bare and care for each other who are precious in his eye and realize your value while you live this life that is a blessing and a lesson to be learned.

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