Why Are We Here What Is Your Purpose?

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Chapter 28: My Queen

My Queen, ever since you came into my life you have bewitched me with your beauty, it is my duty as your king to bring joy into your life in any way that I can ease your fears and wipe away your tears if you are in pain, I will bring you pleasure; I treasure every minute I have been given with you. I am forever yours as I hope you are forever mine, our fates entwined since the beginning of time we let none come between what we build; the world is yours for it has been written in stone, I am forever smitten by your love, above all, except for the most HIGH Creator. I will always honor you by giving you all of me in every way that i can, never to have you worry if I am true; I am always with you and by your side. My queen, my love, my heart is yours forever more.

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