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Chapter 29: The Final Hours

The trumpets are sounding with a resounding blare! Are you listening? Do you even care as wars are raging everywhere overseas and lives are being lost at what cost for whatever reason as the seasons intermix and change at a rapid pace we face certain destruction with the construction of such weapons of war. Trumpets are sounding with a resounding blare! Are you listening or do you even care? While fathers kill sons and sons kill fathers, mothers kill daughters and daughters against daughter as well as brother against brother everywhere over the globe such atrocities I am witnessing in every city down here. While I begin to shine and glisten, I have been listening and watching everything down here. I stand firm giving praise to my holy GOD of Israel he is watching and listening to everything going on down here as I beseech my creator who is greater than all anywhere through this vast universe. Will we heed the call and stand tall while so many fall victim to greed and various deeds of wickedness. Pay heed to the choices you make in these last days as the wicked ways of humankind come out of the dark into the light in the final hours. I give continuous praise to my creator and GOD and raise up my head and say I am but clay and he is the master potter that molds me at times I may seem as mad as the hatter of alice in wonderland wondering why mankind blunders the wondrous gift given to be forgive while living in this mess to be blessed by such a creator. And at other times to be like the joker from gotham looking for his Harley Quinn. I am born to win sign of the twins created by the most High his willing servant and vassal building my castle brick by brick asking him for my forgiveness as I live this life seeking my queen for I am king as I bring my gift to bear fruit seeking his continued blessings and protection for family and friends. My GOD, My Creator as I bear witness to such atrocities in every city and every callous action my eyes have opened, I no longer sleep for so many weep from the injustice being committed by every clan of man some worse than others brothers and fathers, mothers and sisters all in the eyes of our Lord. The trumpets are sounding with a resounding call! Are you listening or do you even care? While on this lain of existence watching everything going on explain what you are doing ruining creation our station to be care takers not makers of doom with a loud boom from my canon while landing blow after blow watching the aftermath and afterglow of wars being raged the stage is being set for Armageddon and the day of judgement there will be no running no hiding he is watching and residing everywhere. The Trumpets are sounding with a resounding blare! Are you listening or do you even care? The time is coming for you to decide which side you choose for the choice is yours and has always be, you have been given fore warning while the globe is warming. The warning has been sounded the call has been made a call to arms a call to cease and desist a call to resist the wickedness that invades every thought or action being committed as the atrocities are shown for every eye to see crimes done with no regard to who is harmed. Brother against brother family against family cousin against cousin blood being spilled in the streets day in and day out night after night day after day everywhere in every. As the dust settles and the gloom stretches over the event horizon, it’s not surprising battles on land, sea and air the earth is groaning and moaning with such a sound that none can deny some say it is natural some say even musical while others say unearthly and unnatural no matter what is said, the disastrous effect is apparent . Some say it has been foretold what do you think or say? I asked those that have seen and heard, by thine own eyes and ears, what do you think is the meaning of such portent events? I for one think it is a warning for all to be ready for the day that is coming sooner than later, the second advent and coming has been foretold and preordained, you cannot deny what is before your very own eyes if you are open to the truth and it is in you who will see what goes on around you and cannot deny what has been foretold from days long past you have been given clue after clue of what is due and to come but continue to do as you will. Do not be misled for I only display what is already in play, I will not hide or be misled I do not beguile you with minced words but play the cards that I have been dealt and lay them plain for all to see. Pay attention to what goes on around you for you have your own part to play in this game you call life which is not a game as many claim but a test to see who deserves ascension and who deserves descending, the ending to be told by the part you chose to play are you a pawn waiting to be king? Or a king being played as a pawn? Taking the chance of being captured being laid to rest? Or are you truly a king guarded well by your queen and men? For the trumpets have sounded with a resounding blare! Are you listening, do you even care?

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