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Chapter 3: Real Women

Are there any real women left that don’t play emotional games of chess and test the boundaries of love between man and woman and truly know what they want and not guessing on how to keep a real man when they find one? When the choice of companion no longer is out of love and compatibility, but out of monetary need and gain, the pain (is too great) that is caused when blindly choosing one’s mate for materialistic reasons instead of true value and morals. Wondering why you cry when you chase after the one that beats you and treats you like trash, but you walk over the one who cares and values you. You scrutinize every facet of their being as long as the money is endless. Can this be what has become of society and its values with the marketing of sexuality? We wonder why so much lust and rape is being committed by all ages. The diseases and the jealousy as emotions run rampart. When games of the heart are being played with no remorse or worry about the consequences,

the long-term effects of the degradation of what should be precious between two lovers becomes the norm between any, which is sickening.

I, for one, do not condone this so-called gay revolution, but to each his own. We are grown, and you sow the seeds of your own demise and no surprise to me in what I see and you should be happy with how God has made you—woman and man! Not to be man on man or woman on woman. Just know I am not judging, but let’s see if I can explain how I feel. I mean, you have a woman wanting to be a man but not liking men now. If that is not wrong or imbalance, then what is? You have a man wanting to be a woman but not liking women?

Seriously? Imbalanced, not happy with how God made you seriously, but you have pride in being gay and happy with what you say you are but not in how you were made? SMDH (shaking my damn head).

But I am not here to judge, just my thoughts and to each his own. I do not condone nor condemn but don’t expect me to say it is okay when it is not plain and simple. What can be done when society itself supports or condones such reckless uncaring actions that split people into fraction and factions of what we should be? As I begin to see the domino effect it is having on nations and foundations, the catastrophe that is coming will not be avoided if not rectified. Be forewarned, we are on our way down the wrong road and show no signs of remorse for this course or the transgressions that are being committed.

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