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Chapter 4: Interracial Dating

Why does it matter if you date someone of a different

race or color? If it was not meant to be, then it would

not be like two men cannot have a child without

adoption or two women cannot have a child without adoption or artificial insemination. This life is too short for such nonsense. Why should it matter? What should matter is that if there is love and compassion between two of opposite sex and color, race should not be an issue or factor. For those that choose to date outside of their own race, what business or concern is it of yours? Are you that unhappy and insecure with yourself that you involve yourself in another’s private affairs? Maybe you need to do a little soul and self-searching and find out what makes you so undesirable? Or so into another’s affairs when it really is none of your concern, or care being judgmental in others’ personal lives is none of your concern. Is it because you see two people sharing a bond you do not have or that you want? Maybe if you weren’t so self-centered or picky and

dated outside your own, you could find that one true love that has been eluding you. If you weren’t so blind and narrow-minded, your chances of true love and happiness would be open to more opportunities, but by closing your mind to this, you slim your own chances. Refusing to see that love is blind and knows no color limitations or materialistic boundaries, true love between man and woman is special and not to be constricted by color or race.

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