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Chapter 6: Control

This I write for you whether many or few as I at first tried to care, but now that I see ever so clearly this year. I will no longer allow myself to be bound by the mental chains of humanity, and its insanity is enough to drive anyone to the edge as I dredge up these charges. And society wonders why when the morals and principles of life are no longer taught to the youth. Some of these being compassion and love for their fellow beings, my only role model or story worth believing is that of my Savior being the reason I have minded my behavior thus far. You wonder why we have fallen so far from grace when each and every place has taken his teachings away. I pray for a better day, but what way is there when you cater to atheist

and other religions that don’t show such values and morals.

I again say to you, what can you find wrong with the Ten Commandments or Jesus Christ and his teaching? What can you find wrong in any of this? So why not teach it and let it be heard? You, who don’t believe, you deceive yourself and

others with your lustful ways and wayward actions, but you will not deceive me. So the values and morals of life taught to youths in school nowadays as his teachings are no longer taught, whether in schools or at home and you wonder why our children act the way they do when there is no foundation given. But what is built on sand and things are out of hand now that we take stock in glock’s and blocks slanging rocks, but not taking stock in our Savior and Creator, which is greater than all other things that matter? And you chatter about why we die and why we go through what we go thru? How can you even form your mouth around such words as why?

What help are the politicians that are for sale to the highest bidder in their campaigns to gain power? They gain wealth and power while selling you lies so easily told off the tip of their tongues. Your pleas for help and change fall upon deaf ears. Their six fix paycheck gets paid by your taxes. We pay them to keep us bound while they run around and decide our fate. I say, no more, I have grown and decide my own path to follow. I refuse to swallow their hollow words of caring and equality when the quality of life they have made for us causes strife and racial tensions that are brewing to the point of boiling over at an alarming rate. Will we continue to allow these immoral deeds to degrade us as humans when we have more sense than this? To live in this day and age that has reverted back to common savagery and barbarians, what use is intelligence and common sense if you do not learn and change from wicked ways of the past and misdeeds done long ago?

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