Why Are We Here What Is Your Purpose?

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Chapter 7: Who Is To Blame

How is it when something bad happens, we blame the

devil or ask God why he let this happen? Do we not

understand the gift that was given to choose which road you

take? If everything was predestined, then what good would

the gift of free will be or the chance to be forgiven for living

the way we do? As for asking God why he let this happen,

God did not make us to control our actions. We do what we do to ourselves being faithless, nonbelievers, and simply not caring. We have been given many teachings living and written examples of how we should act or treat each other, but it seems we refuse to listen or pay attention to the signs given.

And as for the power the devil holds, the only power he holds over you is the lies you listen to, which you either choose to ignore or believe in and that which you let him have by letting him mislead you into actions to go against what teachings and examples our Creator has shown us to live by. It is your choice, your decision, a gift given. Not to be forced or controlled but

to have the chance and opportunity to choose for ourselves what road we take and mistakes we make and to be forgiven if we choose to ask for forgiveness and wish to change.

So again, it is we who allow this to happen to us. It is we, who choose to be thus, but in the end, it is our Creator who will judge us on our actions and choices made, not you or me with our bias opinions of each other. It is we, as humans, who do this to each other with our lack of respect for life and concern of each other’s well- being. And as for myself, I believe this is just the first part of life in which we live where my actions, now and here, determine what happens to my soul that my Creator breathed into me and blessed me with to be a part of him and his creation, which I am very grateful and thankful for.

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