Why Are We Here What Is Your Purpose?

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Chapter 8: Pre Ordained

How can you explain life as preordained and then claim we were given free will that would mean it is fruitless to try or ask for forgiveness that we live this way. As I pray

for understanding, I have come to realize a few things. While the confusion you try to cause allows me to see the flaws in the things or laws you propose and implant to divide and conquer and keep those who would oppose you off balance and confused, I refused to continue falling for such tactics or antics, no matter your supposed consequences because the offenses you commit are worse than the degradation and dehumanization in the name of a higher cause.

The flaws that are ever present and clear, the imminent danger as I break free of the chains you have tried to place on me and my mentality in this reality. I see the fatalities on a daily basis and longer caught in stasis with what you try. I am tired of the lies and the games as I bring to bear this gift and lift up my voice and head and say you tread down the road

to your own demise with no surprise. You continue to ply the only trade you know and receive a failing grade. You are being weighed and measured and are found to be wanting with your taunting. I see it unraveling before our very eyes, and as I begin traveling this earth, I tell you to reverse your course or there is hell to pay for the games you play. The day is coming soon, whether you believe it or not Like Ripley in this land you have taken for your own and have sown seeds of discord amongst many. How canny is this game you are playing, feeding your own greed by living off the back of others’ sweat, pain, and misery.

As I gain entry and grab hold and mold these words to bring to bear, that which I see is wrong in this day and age and wage this war, I thank my Lord for this gift he has given me. I begin to unsheathe my blade, and it is shining. Bright heads will roll and foundations will crumble as I rumble. And more to come, as I am not done yet. And if one hair is harmed on this, I will be sure to tell our Creator unlike my Savior. You know what you do and have done. To condemn you to hellfire and more for the things that you knowingly do as I see through you like glass and that’s your ass, not mine, that is on fire and going to be served on a platter for the bullshit you do.

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