Carmen Thinking… The sound inside a seashell part 2

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Step closer Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Do you understand? And I still bleed Words of wisdom Words of doubt Words of beautiful things that break us

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Chapter 1


January 5, 2015

she wasn’t ready

he wasn’t serious

although now he claims that wasn’t true

oh the complexity of young love

oh the simpleness of lust

and as she sits on this couch now

thinking about every stolen moment

and they all were stolen

every single one

he never belonged to her

she never belonged to him

they couldn’t be together

they couldn’t stay apart

and every time they tried to break apart

they somehow tightened the bond in their hearts

have you ever loved someone so much they made you step outside yourself?

has love every made you selfish to point where you didn’t care if the whole world perished,







she wasn’t leaving

he wasn’t understanding

although he claims this isn’t true

oh the finality of real love

go the futility of lust

she lights a match

she sets the couch on fire

she doesn’t look back as she walks away…

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