pretty world.

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Humanity is relying on it's exterior to be successful and this beautiful world is our witness. Images everywhere, some pretty, some ugly and some bizarre. The media has so much to answer for, they shape our views and suddenly the Earth is starting to see how ugly humans can be.

Poetry / Romance
Deana Lawson
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A collection of romantic aspects of image, love and humanity.


wear a suit.

a roof.



a need.




please fight.




to my darling girl.

be mine.




just a corporate affair.

the soul place.



take the ugly.

stay away.


the after effects.



the drift.








colours of you.

need another face.

bitter outside.




wear a suit.

something strange is happening

in this world, don’t you think?

I feel like I am almost trespassing

and this human skin is itching.

Where did the traits I loved

in humanity go?

and they were erased so quick

it hurts my soul.

I look for you, everywhere

because all the exteriors are similar

to what I know. None of them are you,

just more aliens in human suits.


Oh damn you! I wanted to be the shining

star that lit your sky so much.

But you tore the milky way open right

in front of me, to show me her light.

You ground up the moon and killed

me softly with the ashes of my lust.

You stole the planets and tossed

them at me to bowl me spiralling down.

All the while you knew,

you were destroying my universe.


sensing your dilemma, palms outstretched

all I want is to comfort you.

Hold back from touching as the warmth

of my skin may burn you too.

I live my life on a passionate riptide

of emotion, you do not seem to understand.

We are so different in all we design

through love to life to death we

will certainly disagree.

You should be aware though I will

adore you and be there for you

whenever you do need me.


There was a fire and boy it burnt me,

now suddenly I think it is dimming.

But the scars are horrendous,

I keep falling off the end of the world.

Over and over everyday.

It does not matter what anyone says

I am an unlovable mess.

I can’t even write, nothing comes out.

I want to be loved, i need you

to take care and protect me I want you to.

Yet I will not ask, if you cared you could

read it written just under my skin.

To my darling girl.

your ability to overcome

the demons I know you carry around,

well..that is the most courageous

thing I have ever witnessed.

My admiration and pride in you,

knows no bounds, baby.

Oh, I know.. you have so little

confidence in your strength inside

and your beauty, but I want you to

be certain, it takes my breath away.


She stirs in me something so manic,

a turmoil of pent up raging lust.

But I will not even say hello,

from afar I get to know her.

So delicate and feiry at once,

she is a beauty, a strange blend.

I long to tie her up and explore

her heavenly body and heavy scent.

Cause her pain with good intent,

show her she deserves to be loved.

the soul place.

When i got to the place

now so familiar in my head

there was nothing there,

yet everything instead.

I had no body just my soul,

that was me, a feeling

just a soul amongst a few

other billion or so souls too.

We had left all the guilt of life

back on Earth, all there was dark.

Yet it was the most amazing light,

like arriving and everyone knowing

your name and saying hello to me.

take the ugly.

Is it too late for us?

at so many points in time

you can pinpoint where it went wrong.

We lost ourselves, HUMANS are you listening?

I doubt it,

stupidity , ignorance and selectiveness

are so contagious if you let them in.

They are the easy option,

humans often sadly take the

pretty way, do not have time for the ugly.

the after effects

The torrid warmth emanates

from his drenched torso,

rippled and used

crumpled and abused.

Observing him in the

afterglow of his orgasm,

she found a strange

pleasure of satisfaction.

As his breathing returned

to a more regular pace,

and the moistness receded

on his beautiful body and face.

He opened his eyes wide,

as she swallowed what little

air she could find,

she had fallen in from the outside.

The drift.

Within arms reach, yet I look in his eyes

and all I can see is the miles between.

We have drifted

not our bodies

but our minds.

Distanced ourselves and cut what

connected us, whatever that was.

I feel love for him, but I no longer

feel that rush when skin on skin.

Although I will always cherish us

what we had was a gift

and I am grateful for the time spent.

a roof.

Inside my static mind

beside my electric storm,

you will find me.

This torrential downpour

that I feel within,

is never ending ,

with no beginning.

Yet theres still room

for shelter for you.

a need.

Pulsating heart racing mind,

Kneeling at your feet

Bounded by sight.

No chains or ropes

No collar or leash.

Instead their is mutual respect

For each other’s needs.

You know me as well as i do

So I don’t have limits

To aim for , each time I desire

To be pushed a little more.

You can make me forget my name

By a glance sideways my way,

Please come and get me

Take away this pain.


when my heart , my mind and my soul

think as one, act as one and see as one.


you may hear the passion roar like a riptide.

I come in waves

a barrage of unwavering me.

In my deafening silence

understanding all I can be

is a empty drum and

you were my symphony.


so I made some rather bad decisions, Used poor judgement.

Went into a war when there was nothing to fight for, apart

from the things I wanted, those things were fake.

They were my hopes and dreams and not yours,

I blew up half the world for you to see me.

To understand me and to cherish me the way I did you,

today I realised you can’t make people love you.

Tomorrow I will try to fix the mess I created,

I want to fix the world maybe then I will forget you.

be mine.

where in this beautiful world

do I belong? where will I feel

ok to be living in my skin?

I am aching inside to fit in this life.

Yet it seems I cause trouble

whereever I go. Then there is him.

I see my name irredecently glistening

all over his lined skin.

He makes me feel alive,

I want him to know that.

‘you breathe air into my soul’.


He is complicated or rather I made him that way.

Turned something simple and beautiful into

what you said an affair..should be.

You told me the rules and twisted my thinking.

From what I wanted from him to what in the end

I demanded him to be, changing what I looked like

to something you said I should be.

No longer observed as originally meant and real,

I was no longer the intention of me.


for the first time in my life of many

ups and downs, i cannot find a rock

to hold onto.


yet i couldn’t care less, my life , my mess.

Head is a crossword with wrong answers

at best, now adjacent letters strewn around

it makes no sense.

freefall with noone to talk to, alone.

no where to land its just a never ending hole.

stay away.

And please tell him to stay away,

When he is near I forget to breathe

End up running out of air.

Every occasion we collide

It is like he taunts my airways,

With suffocating liquid love

Each time I almost die.

He looks so happy as he walks away

Never looks back to see if I am ok.

He calls it love


What sort of love is that?


I am all you

Everyday, every second

Every damn millisecond

I am all you.

Eventually it will tear me apart,

The hunger.

Craving something so much

I can’t keep , I can’t have.

Breaks my god damn heart.

You see I am angry at you,

At the world too, both hurt me

Way too much, seem to think I am tough.

Everyone thinks I am made of stronger stuff, I just want sweet love.

A soft ,gentle ,romantic ,needy ,wears his heart on his sleeve ,honest lover.

Someone who wants to dive into me because they need to see my depth,

My dark and my thoughts.

Someone who desires to be all me, because that is how I feel about you,

I set you apart. So far apart and it’s made any other man seem inferior.

That is why I am turning invisible ,as life is painful ,without you here.


Walking away from all this,

This ’love you say you give.

Is pure acid on my soul,

Do not try to say it is me,

You have no depth and no

Qualifications to enrol.

Pretending from the start,

You only came back,

To try ,to break me apart.

This was your mistake

My heart was stolen and raped.


My Breast is yearning

To be comforting you,

Fallen boy don’t cry.

A man there is no doubt

Come here and take all

You need , I adore you.

I implore you

Make love

Make love

Make love.

Not war.


Hold me so close

Skin to skin.

It has been too long,

Feel pressure within.

Burst into passion

Me me me.

Do you not see

It is a reflection of thee.

See I long to see you and feel

You near, just for you to be here.

Do you remember how right it felt

When we were young , I knew

Even then that you are the one.

I may never have searched

But that does not mean jack,

Because I always knew you would

In time come back.

please fight.

Made him go

Forced him out

Yet there was no fight

To talk about.

Easily left

Never looked back

Did you not know

How my heavy heart did crack.

Now I am damaged

Broken and left alone

And the darkness is here

Torments my thoughts.

I destroyed us by being myself.

harsh lines.

Jaded my embers are left tinged

Your love is harsher than you think.

Played and toyed your way inside

Knowing I was blistered and wounds

Barely dried.

still it did not stop you

From infecting my heart

You Love like a rogue virus,

Pulls my cells apart.

Till I die.till I die.till I die.

You do not care you continue

Stubbornly until I disappear.


The day I died , the way I cried,

all the memories locked and stomped

down so deep inside.

The forever dread is crushing my soul

you released your demons and they were cold,

they ate my spirit whole.

Took my hope , set alight my dreams

if you listen to the silence

you can hear my screams.

So you are loud with your positive thoughts,

as long as others think the same

your circus of mindfulness is maintained.

just a corporate affair.

Isn’t it time that we the human race fought back?

corporationalism is running and ruining our world.

Do you want that?

I just see everything we have fought against for years

being bought back such as intolerance, racism

poverty, injustices, anti-disabled anti-Semite fascism.

All the things we tried so hard to obliterate

what for? for them to plant the seeds to grow again.

When do we stand up people? when do we fight

pretty soon it will be too late.

They do not have to win, we are the many they are the few,

unless you want to go back to the middle ages?

want to be enslaved?

stop buying their products and let this revolution begin.

The apathetic protesters has had their turn, time to fight

for us.


Rescue her, she needs to feel

to breathe again

desperately clinging to life

with shallow gasps, she is fading fast.

She longs for you to see her

so sure of the connection you shared,,

her memory is stained with her tears

shed on my shoulder and down my breast.

If you need her then show her,

bare your soul and then you may save her.


Will you be mine today

my heart wants to say,

she did not know a love

like this was real.

She wants to bathe in you

swim around inside

your soul.

She wants to be surrounded

by just your touch, your hold.

Drenched till she is drowning

fill up her lungs

no more screaming.

Love her indefinitly

mercillesly and cruelly.

Love her with everything

you own every bit of you.


This planet on which they say we live,

if you follow a year cycle of pictures,

she breathes.

The most beautiful and so mysterious

still, the Earth.

I fall in love with all her bits, she is

misunderstood. Taken for granted

and used, she needs all our love.

Every human being including you

and me, take a step back and see,

Earth, our home, she is breath taking,

no other place i would rather be.


Her eyes were dark and so deeply intense

full of her life story.

Her heart was the home of her battered soul

in all its glory.

Her sensual godess body was afraid of my touch

i am so sorry.

Eden i am so sorry, i hurt you so much.

the after effects.

The torrid warmth emanates

from his drenched torso,

rippled and used

crumpled and abused.

Observing him in the

afterglow of his orgasm,

she found a strange

pleasure of satisfaction.

As his breathing returned

to a more regular pace,

and the moistness receded

on his beautiful body and face.

He opened his eyes wide,

as she swallowed what little

air she could find,

she had fallen in from the outside.


Just on pause , my life, your life

anyone who has seen true despair

no matter the anguish which befell them was.

I am sure it felt so real to them at the time,

nowhere all around , trapped.

Sunk to the bottom

and digging , not to get out

but.. just to breathe.

I have heard some do get back,

i am busy just breathing.


She has her eye on you

not a slut and she is

as shy as any new

lover. Even though

she is older and

wiser, bashful is

her nature.

She is real,

do not expect


she is honest

so scared

of rejection.

She is a baby whore

who’s lust

threatens to

burn her up.


Now left with a reflection

Of utter bemuse, all you

Did was tornado in

To leave me utterly confused.

Then you leave again in

A whirlwind of bad love,

The sort which makes the

Other feel not so good ,nor

Lifts them high above the rest.

Second class romance

It hurts and rips you apart,

But be still my stationary soul

Another will see you , as you

Are ,pure gold. Pure gold.


Run away with me, let’s

Find one another

Over and over until we

lie on the sand,

Have the sea be our cover.

Softly caressed by the waves

Until it carries us far far away

As we fuck gently.

Forever touching as our souls

Collide, we sink to the seabed

Both knowing ,

you were always the one.


Muted and daring to scream inside,

Feelings so alien to the norm.

Boundaries have been left too wide,

And I fear I can no longer ride this

Silent storm.

What did you want, is the question

In my mind. Oh I’ve answered it a zillion times , yet to find an answer.

Must have your reasons I always reason, however finding it is a heavy load on my resolve.

I feel weak, mind body and my soul.


All the woman I can be

I am going to fall in love with her,

every single wrinkle and blemish.

In the hope it sets me free,

enables me to love life.

colours of you.

You painted me blue

then threw water at me,

which left streaks down my naked body.

What did you do, what did you do.

I will never be me again

stupidly I let you destroy me,

as I knew was your original intention.

Men like you, men like you.

You ripped out my bare soul,

threw her away onto the busy road

and I watched as she got tore to shreds.

Now I am alone, I am lost and alone.

need another face.

Just another face of me

my mind is like a hall of mirrors

all my faces are ugly.

I feel limited, kept away and chained

to myself and only me.

The label reads insane.

I am sure someone has my heart

squeezing tight to take the last drops

of self respect and pride.

No one cares, I put everyone first

but if anyone decides to stay a while

I would still put you first,

I don’t look in your eyes

because I am alone,

no one here, no one cares.

bitter outside.

I had a moment of clarity

the fog in my hyped up mind cleared.

Not for long but for long enough,

without emotion or extra thinking

I realised I loved you far more.

I already knew that all along but

I took notice this time and one

thought led to another and I didn’t dismiss

them, like i would usually.

I truly love you , and that love would have and will

stick around for eternity, only just with me.

One sided love doesn’t work, I know you love me

but you are far too sensible and responsible

to throw caution to the wind and be in love.

So I would be infatuated and always

bitter that it was not returned.


but I swam in you ,

and I saw something special

something twinkle at me.

Right then and there I knew

what finding a wish looked like,

then having that wish come true.

The longing within me I had filled

with all the mighty big questions,

right then and there answered

as I swam around rummaging for your soul.

The realization that I had monsters inside

which could and indeed did cause that

much havoc ,..was gut wrenching.

Shocked my inner core as I hadn’t even

sneaked a peek at the demons lurking

beneath my surface and never when they

came out to play.

Ignorance is not bliss because you lose yourself

over time, and stop your own accountability.

You end up blaming anything but you.


Angel kisses

laid on my soul

angel loving

keeping me whole

angel touches

repair me

angel tasting

glue me.

Angel him

broken me.

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