Guidance from a Song Messenger

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Inspiration came from James Barbour's e-book "THR!VE."

Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

Climb your own mountain.

Swim in your own river, too.

Walk down your own street.

Spread out what you wish.

Make your requests known to Him.

Make plans for your life.

Start making attempts.

Look for inspiration, too.

Move through the spring breeze.

Turn into a bird.

Touch the sky and stretch your wings.

Voyage Mother Earth.

Gladness does come true,

And this true fact does not change,

Though now you’re depressed.

Continue travel.

Always journey on your feet.

Stay strong for longer.

Are you capable?

Can you influence humans?

You are soothing them.

While you are breathing,

Begin welcomed deeds.

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