Playing Human

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I could feel your heart beating
Against me
Mommy, your heart is like music
Soothing me
And rocking me to sleep

You do not know I’m in here’
In this warm sleeping bag
In your tummy

But I know you’ll be happy
When you learn

Mommy, I have a heartbeat, too!
I may be only three weeks old
But my thumpity-thump is there already!

I could feel your heart beating
Wildly, oh Mommy!
I believe you are excited!
Excited... For me?

No, I know you Mommy
I know that you are scared
Scared about what?
Mommy, tell me, tell me!

Mommy, they prick me
It hurts a little
But I know you love me
And you will not be mean

But, Mommy, it is cruel
They grab at my legs!
My hands, no my heart!
Where are they taking me?

As I fade from your womb
I cry out to you
And your heartbeat

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