Playing Human

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My Brother is a Trapezoid

I have a brother who is a trapezoid
He has four sides to him, but only two of them are going in the right direction
His personality doesn’t fit into a square and isn’t soft like a circle
It fits in action and mechanical thinking
He has no time to sit and do nothing
His feet won’t let him
Sometimes he’s harsh, like spear-sharp corners
And sometimes he’s soft, but I don’t know how
Maybe he cushions those tough spots
Or maybe he sometimes just lets people see his straight lines
And while his physical appearance might be 2-dimensional
His life-like attitude is like the IMAX Theater
Only you don’t need glasses to see him
He pops right out of “average”
Soars through the “normal”
And lands somewhere on the moon
A place we like to call Brother-Land
Where every shape is square
Every heart is some kind of nonagon or hexagon
And his best friend is a triangle

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