Playing Human

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The People

The people of Destruction
Have their feet firmly planted in a rolling bowl of sand
Hurt and pain the only language they understand
The people of Neglect
Know just how quiet a room feels when you’re the only one in it
Trying to grow a garden of forget-me-nots in a sunless prison
The people of Silence
Have the tape securing their lips together
Like securing the flapping tongue of a shoe
These are the people
Sometimes my people
Sometimes your people
There lurking beside your heart like the darkest phantoms and lightest ghosts
Haunting your mind and telling you over and over and over again that rainbows
Sure do look gloomy in black and white And music sure does sound bad in when not played right
Reminding you that every time you get up You are destined to fall
And every time you think the stars are finally close enough to touch… You find out you’re just digging yourself further and further into the ground
These are the people of Destruction
Sometimes my people
Sometimes your people
But always the people of Neglect The people of Silence The people who jump off of a cliff just to catch that falling sensation
With no thought to who will catch them in return
These are the people
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