Playing Human

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Lying, dying, falsifying, double-dealing, heart-stealing, good-for-nothing humbug
That’s my daddy for you
And my mama is a warrior of a woman
A brave, daring, strong, caring, warrior
And my sister is a crier
She lets the tears pour down and bathe my shoulder
Too short a time to grow up but she had to
To protect me
From the lying, dying, falsifying, double-dealing, heart-stealing, good-for-nothing humbug
Because no sane man looks at a woman and two baby girls and thinks they will be fine on their own
Mama thinks all men are bad
Sister thinks father is mad
I think he was a humbug
A humbug.
Born to deceit I know he’ll never change his ways
And from the ashes of hell he was born
And to the ashes of hell he will go
And thank God he will not take me with him
To the land where fathers leave
To the place that rings with the sound of a mother’s grief
To the place where big sisters are changing your baby diaper even though they themselves are still wearing pull-ups
Just so that I would be protected
From the humbug

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