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Love Like a Landslide

Love is a heart never broken
Love is a word scarcely spoken
Love is a light that you quenched
A life that you choked
A privilege revoked
A fire you drenched

When I was a baby
And you, a young man
You held me so closely
With your veteran hands
I thought you’d remember
What battle was like
What gunshot was like
I thought you would teach me
What courage was like

I thought you would love me
The way I loved you
I thought you would hold me
Like I might slip away
I thought you would kiss me
Like your love was so true
But your lies-- oh your lies
Were as clear as the day

You dropped me off in a sea of Iraq
With a knife to the neck and a shot to the back
With a terrorist’s terror that made my world go so black
A life as you lived it
Oh veteran man
And you thrust me right in it
Said “Survive if you can”

I was a child
And you were young too
But love is a word
turned my heart shades of blue
And now as I cling
To the face of a cliff
You stand over watching
Your jaw turning stiff

Your hands that once held me
Your words that once stood
Have crumpled and shaken
As you’ve melted that word
Like a landslide
Love like a deathride
Love like a heart-slice

I hope you are happy
In the hottest place that’s in Hell
I am now numbed to love
Why, Daddy?
Do tell...

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