Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 15: In our lives

We in our lives will meet

people every day that will
come and go just like the
leaves falling of the trees
while blowing in the wind
every fall. Most will be
around for that very
moment you meet while
some will stay around a
little longer to become a
friend, but If you are truly
lucky there maybe even
just a chance that they
will stay and last forever
in what I like to call our
life’s dance. Those are
very special few and they
can either be a lover or a
just a friend, now the
ones that have stayed
and become both, those
are the ones that I hope
will never end.

While you looked away for that one moment, I noticed how the ink that I just spilled, glistened off your beautiful body showing me the Poetry that I had just written.

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