Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 16: Sometimes I wish

Sometimes I wish that

when I woke up I was me
again, back to a time
of my innocence, before
my real life had begun, the
only worries that I had
was if I was going to get
grounded for not doing
my homework, if I was
late for school again or
even how many days
were left until it was
finally going to be the
weekend so my friends
and I could smoke a joint,
figure out which party
we were going too, or
whether we were going
to mountain high to go
snow skiing or Malibu
beach to go surfing, back
when words like sorrow
and regret were ones that
I had never even heard of
or could pronounce quite
yet, back when my only
heartbreaks were caused
because I did not get the
color bike I wanted or could
not get to the movies to
meet a girl that I liked, all
because I could not get my
damn old car started, back
to another time when love
to me was still so very new
with flowers, dates, dinners,
kisses, friendships, and
more, walks on the beach
with bonfires that roared,
camping at the lake while
drinking some beers, roasting
marshmallows, and then
cooking steaks, without
any worries of late mortgages
and unpaid bills, digging in
your pockets for change
and gas money to fill
whoever’s turn it was to
drive on a Friday or a
Saturday, night hoping
to catch a feel of a bra or
better still, while telling all
your friends about that
homerun that you scored
when you were actually at
home and bored because
she kicked out trying and
you went home crying when
she kicked you in your
family jewels, yeah sometimes
I wake up and I wish I could go
back in time knowing what
I now know to get a fresh new
start before all the heartaches
and pain to do it all over again
so I could be the man I am today,

Your little smiles bring me light into a world that is filled with so much darkness, so I just want you to know my sons, that you all will always be in my heart while I carry a piece of each you deep down in my soul.

Imagine a world one with no
hate that has no prejudice
that decides your fate, where
white is only the winter and
falling as snow, while black
is the night against all the
stars that shine up in the sky
with the full moons glow.
Imagine that the only colors
that are taught are only those
of rainbows and the colored
crayons In their box.
Imagine a world that has only
one race where everyone is
equal and it is not case by
case, where we all live in
peace and all the wars
have now ceased, no
boundaries or lines just wide
open space.
Imagine a world where
everyone gets to eat, there is
no hunger or even poverty
where everyone gets a
chance to speak, where we
all care for each other in our
hearts, minds, and Souls,
where love is shown
wherever you are from to
any place that you may go.
Imagine a world where we
all can live to choose are
religion and faith with no
More crime to fight while
still knowing that we are safe.
Imagine that it all started
with the words of one man
who is a poet, a father, a
stranger, a friend, who
imagined a world full of
peace where all the hate
has come to end.
Imagine, Imagine, and then
Imagine again.

As the sun rises
Orange mixes with blue sky
Blessed be us all

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