Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 17: Little kisses

I know that we do not speak a

whole lot anymore but I just
wanted to tell you how much that
those little kisses that you left
on my lips over the last few days
had really meant the world to me,
you see the taste you left of your
lips on mine caused something to
ignite as it short circuited something
in my brain as it searched for and
started finding past memories
of you and I, back when we only
knew the true beauty of great
happiness and much joy, before all of
this anger and sadness and
even back when we could get close
enough to see the reflections of our
undying love for one another way
deep down to our souls in each
other’s eyes.
All of the beautiful loving times
that we once had and somehow
both forgotten, washed away every
morning by the huge waves of
sorrow fed by distrust by lies of
indiscretions disappointments in
all directions, ripped away from us,
unfairly taken, stolen by that evil
that comes straight from hell
and all the demons that we now
call addiction as it was removed
from our memories with no regard

of our emotions, like all the happiness
that I used to always feel that I
believed would live forever in my
heart with every single beat and up
in my mind playing over and over like
it was a movie that we used to see
at theater that always started with
once upon a time and then ended
with a happily ever after then holding
to each other hoping that would be
us with tears in our eyes then later
bedroom until the dawns early light.
But I am so very sorry that I need to
let you take a good look around so
that you may see that the reprehensible
way that you have ever since treated
me cannot be changed by just a few little
kisses, no it is not a tiny little scratch on a
little boys skinned knee where mommy
says here is a band-aid my baby boy
and here is some little kisses all better
now you see? No it much more than
that, for time after time you have brutally
with no mercy beaten me down to here
right now, today at this very minute,
barely the man that I used to be never
a smile for anyone or laugh no in fact
it is just the opposite of that as the matter
of fact I do wish so hard very hard I have
wished a wish on every shooting star
threw away every single dime that I
ever had in my hand down the wishing
well I even found some witches to cast
a magic spell for you to love me love
you, yet here we are sitting right next
to each other under the same roof of
what used to be our home a million
miles apart with neither of us wanting
to be together watching the other fall
apart until death do us part, you see
it will take a lot more than a few little
kisses than that and even then I just
cannot see that you and I will ever
find or even again you and me.

If her soul could only speak to his heart, he would finally be able to understand just how much that she truly loved him.

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