Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 19: Happy Birthday Mom

When I felt like I was all alone

In this big mean world

You were always there
to let me know that it would
be all right and that you
would always care, when no
one else believed in me while
I was fighting for my lost son
you stood up to everyone
shook your head and said I
do he is your son never
backing down pushing me
until I hit number one and
we got Ryder back and we
won, You have been my
mom for fifty years and I
want to thank you for
everything though all the
laughs and all the tears
for all you have done and
all of the happiness that you
Bring, I know that I have
not been easy, for it seems
like I am always falling flat
on my face, but through all
the bad that has happened
you never once would ever
get on my case, mom I know
I do not say I love you as
much as I know I should
because one day you will
be gone and I know how
much I will miss you, we
may not talk everyday but
believe me you are always on my
mind for we share one thing
In common, a huge heart that
is so thoughtful and kind,
thank you for being there
Through all the good and
bad I know now that I do not
know everything and I may
not always be the best son
around but I do know this
Mom, you are the best
Mother that anyone could
ever have.

I love you Mom so
Happy birthday to you on this
very special day and do not
ever forget to smile for it is
only another day.

Love me.

When he found her broken heart crying all alone, his soul showed him how to heal it so he could help her find the way home.

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