Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 23: True love

I wonder if true love

even exist anymore
do we still know what
love means or has it
been replaced with
something else I’m
not so sure.
Love is a feeling that
is confused nowadays
with one night stands
and affairs as love gets
Lost and Thrown away
It’s never really there
True love comes from
In our hearts and feeds
from our down in our
souls it’s not a
Word for one night stands
but forever as you both
grow old
Love is a feeling your
Supposed to feel each
And every day not just
for a quickie or for
your next lay
Love is a slow dance
close together at midnight
in the
rain or running in the
park in the middle of the
night together screaming
and laughing and
acting all insane
Love is learning new
things while being together
movies at midnight
being best friends and
Love is a word to be
used with special care
not thrown out to
whoever maybe there it
comes from our heart and
fed by our souls so use it
wisely and with meaning
for the one with whom you
want to grow old.

Poetry, because our souls have something they need to say.

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