Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 24: Depression

Living with depression

where the darkness now
beats the light
filled with the
sadness of lonely
days and many
sleepiness nights
as your emotions
that are now born out
of the darkness a
kingdom that it rules
it controls everything
of yours like what you
see or how you feel
in everything that
we do.
Fighting depression
the darkness or black dog
you can call
It what you will
either way it is
a hard and
harrowing feat
for this fight is without
honor and it has no
face or soul to beat
Filled with so much
sadness it takes from
you your life as it will
attack you quick
and knock you
off your feet
dragging you down
to your knees and in
one big blow it digs
in hard and way down
deep as your emotions
are all sent off to war to
fight it where it stands
while so many of your
good ones are lost in
such a vast and foreign land
and then as your body
tries to fight it to try
and win huge battles will
start to rage inside of you
wearing down your
mind and body as you try
to run and hide before it
begins just as our mind starts
to lose this war and we lose
our soul with nothing left
and all hope is now gone
we finally lose control
with nothing left to fight for
we now feel like we are
all alone we take things into
our own hands a leave this
world for good.

This fight we battle in our
head is here and very real
for I am veteran
of this war so I know just
how it feels so
please know this, we
have lost so many happy
souls as this fight
is life or death the stakes
involved are very real
it is not just an
emotion we can
turn off and on at will
what we need
is your love, support, hugs,
and patience as we try
to heal

Tears will fall while
streaming down our
tired face for fear of
facing an enemy again
that has no soul or face
to those of us who fight
this every single day
just know you are
not alone as I am
here and here I will stay
and though it takes from
me a little more
every time we meet
just know that I look to
our God who art in
heaven for his hope
and strength which now
I do seek

Sometimes we do not know the strength that we have inside of us until we walk out of the storm alive and standing holding heavens hand.

Addiction is way more than just a disease. It is the bitter end of who you used to be.

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