Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 26: You You You

When we met our hearts

started pounding louder than
our headboard did our lips were
wrapped around each other’s
Faces lips and skin Our hands
Grabbing on parts that are meant
For dark twenty four hours a
day making love Having sex
quicker and fucking if I dare,
in rooms, at work, The car, the
park everywhere the Passion raged
On day and Night fires burning
out Of control as your sweet
tasting wetness was a Perfect
fit for my hard cock like the last
piece of a puzzle or a hand
inside a glove that was for sure
I miss that now that it
Is gone the fire is out
At least for me but not to
Some I try so hard to
Find any kind of love yet I
Know that we are done
What are we doing why
Are we here you don’t want
me as I now shed
Tears I feel so lonely yet
IT is so much more I now
Believe I would be better
Alone at least there would
be only me so I could heal
and move on
I may never find true love
Again but I know I could be
happy with human touch I
cannot remember it when we
met I just knew that forever
was just a lie as we’re the rings
we put on and the masquerade
we share you are here with me
because it was easy I paid for
everything bills a roof and more
knowing I would take what you
tore my heart my soul my very
being of who I am till now I am
broken again. A man can only
beg so long and plead until his
heart no longer bleeds like yours
that is what you wanted all these
years and you finally win. My soul
still lives and my heart still beats
but now they share what you have
done to me. Hate for you and all
around sorrow I write in all my
poems sadness and deep depression
why go on in all the darkness please
put a knife in my empty carcass
in the very spot that was filled with
love a heart that was strong as hell
until you won, telling me no it is
not you but sleep with any that gave
you dope and pills talking love yet
showing hate making promises
giving lies knowing I would eventually
die well I did the parts that matter
most now all toast yet not a tear will
fall from you nor laughter or sadness
or anything at all for you have no
heart or soul at all and what you do
have only bests for you.. Always you
who matters who is in your life you
cannot hide behind you. It always
fights its way out once it realizes
that it is who you are. Because the
world revolves around you even God
when he was creating you said fuck
this I am done you make You You You.
Even Hell said get out I am through
the fires of hell do not even burn
hot enough for You You You.
When we all say black you say white
when it is day you say it is night when
get pie to divide among eight people
nope you cut two and take the rest along
with cake and everything you can get
The only thing left that I have is a
little boy named Ryder and that is sad
because I wonder if I would have known
where I am today for the first time
ever thoughts of maybe I should
have walked away.. And that hurt
me more than you can know almost as
much as when I got the call that I was
only the one who was there for you
yet it was not my dick that was on top
of you even though the morning you
left you said oh baby I love you. Well
guess what I am finally over you I am
done I am through and soon I will be
free. From You You You

Poetry is always ever changing, just as our emotions are.

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