Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 29: How are you today?

I am actually in a place right

now that I feel way to often
always finding myself wallowing
around in a deep sorrow and
paralyzing self-pity always
wanting to believe in something
when already knowing it is
always going to be lie
Believing in fairytales and
once upon a times, wishing
On falling stars and happily
ever after then trying to
not to go broke falling in a
a wishing well that people
really can change than when
they do not start feeling
like I deserve to feel like I
am worthless that maybe I
don’t deserve to be loved
by anyone at all being abused
just to amuse an addict with
no heart or soul at all. I will
always and forever truly believe
that true love will win over hate
and this may still be but for me
this loves war is over for sometimes
it is better to walk away from the
battle to win the war someday.

Poetry is listened to by our hearts, and spoken by your souls.

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