Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 32: If

roses and a bottle of finest

red wine that I could find
do you think it would be
enough to show you just how
much that I care for you
in my heart and down deep
inside hoping that one day
that I would be yours forever
and that you would be mine
until the ends of time?
Even though our friendship
is growing like it was in the
beginning and I feel like we
are becoming closer every
single day, do I still need to
spell it all out for you or do
you already know what I have
been so desperately trying
to say?
If I took you to a deserted
beach in the middle of the
night to watch the moon as
it sails across the sky then stop
to dance as it begins to rain
as I look deeply into your eyes
then got down upon one knee
in the water and the sand
taking you gently by the hand
while I place a diamond ring
upon your finger with not a
word to say, do you think I said
enough would and could you
then understand?
If I held you close next me
and while I whispered in your
ear, just how much I do love
you, would you start to shed a
tear? Would you grab me and
quick and hold on tight and
tell me that you loved me too
while making love throughout
the dark of night? what I am
trying to here to say is that If
I told you that I loved you and
I want to make you my loving
wife could we walk down the
isle together all to say we do in
front of God and be together
forever in love through all the
happiness or even strife, with
all the good and even bad, just
you and I hand in hand for the
rest our life?

While his heart was starting to fall madly in love, her soul started asking for God’s blessing high above.

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