Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 33: Keep on wishing

Once upon a time I made

a wish on a shooting star
as it was racing across the
clear dark midnight sky and
came through our atmosphere
while fate gave me a break
as I got a second wish when
by chance it fell straight down
into a wishing well, and that is
a story before there was a
ME AND YOU when I wished
that I was not so lonely and
I could meet somebody then
fall in love, the second wish
was just for you. Now us are
souls are slowing dancing to
the music of our beating hearts
since the very day that I met
you as I smile up at all the stars
as the wishes that I wished
for have now all come true,
so just remember to keep on
wishing that forever we shall
last happily ever after I will
always have love for you.

I could not decide whether I wanted you in my dreams or not, so instead I wrote you into the lines of my poetry so you would forever live in my soul.

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