Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 34: Break all these chains

Somebody please help me

to break all these chains
addiction is going to kill me
or drive me insane
If the alcohol doesn’t do it
my relationships will
my bet it will be the crystal
or maybe even the pills
Somebody please help me
to break all these chains
addiction is slowly killing me
as I am going insane
as the drugs now start to
change me from the person
who I am I can feel
my demons growing as they
are starting to win
trying to run away from a
life that has been filled with
sorrow and pain as the
darkness now surrounds me
and the tears fall down like rain
Trying to mask the feelings
causing me to give up on life
there is nothing now to save me
not even my kids or my wife
Somebody please help me
to break all these chains
I am on my knees now praying
for His hope and all his
strength as I now lay here
dying with only drugs and
myself to blame there
is nothing left to stop
me as I fall into the flames
you don’t need to follow me
down the path that I
chose losing everything
and everyone that I ever
loved including myself
so take heed in this story
for this ink speaks Gods truth
there is no one that can beat
addiction not me or you
stop before you start is the
best way to win for you will
always fight the infection
While you battle demons till
the end.

Poetry is my solace, it is a place I can scream, cry, laugh, shout, and yell without anyone hearing my emotional meltdowns.

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