Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 35: I admit I was wrong

You know I am not a child

anymore so I can admit when
I am wrong, I only wish that
I would have learned this
lesson back when we
first said hello, instead of feeling
all of this hurt and pain that
have been growing every day
since we first kissed and
danced to that love song, I am
dreamer and I have always
dreamed of a real true love, the
kind where you respect each
other’s opinion, tell the truth,
touch, feel, and hold on, to
each other tight, not tell lies
about where you are going or
Where you have even been
for the last few nights, or
how you lost your paycheck,
when you spent it all on drugs,
and instead of making love,
to each other, you become
Leonard Spinks and I am Mohammed
Ali then we go nine rounds
fighting every night with boxing
gloves. So, I admit I was wrong
you have never been the one for
me, I guess I wished so hard
that it was true that I made
it that way in mind, was it a
dream? Maybe to some, but
it has always been a nightmare
for me, I have a son that is
not my DNA, eleven years of
wasted time every single
day, mental health issues like
depression that I never had
before, trust issues, PTSD,
anger, and that is just the
start, blaming you for
everything is really wrong for
me to do, I admit again I was
wrong the fault is not all on
you because I blame myself for
not leaving the night before
we said I do.

When my story does come to an end and I get to go back home, I do not want to be right about everything that I write, just the ones that mattered to others the most.

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