Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 37: Until the ends if time

I love watching you as you

lay there in our bed
with your head on the
pillow while you are still
sound asleep.
Innocence that is wrapped
up in a perfect and poetic
beauty that I truly believe
has never been matched
by anyone that I have
ever known or will ever see.
Your hair still a mess from
late last night from making
love from when the
sun came up until It laid
down with the moon which
for me when it was over I
thought was way too damn soon.
Learning every single inch of
your body from its curves
along your hips to the
softness of your lips that
I felt with my kiss
and legs that go on for
miles and the firmness
of your naked breast.
I wish we could stay right
here in this bed laying here
right next to each other
forever frozen in time together
making love until the ends
of time run out.

As the two silhouettes danced around the stars of the gorgeous night sky, two hearts started beating to the rhythm of love with their souls knowing that forever they would be together until the ends of time.

We have seen better
times and places in
our moment that God
has gave us, since the
night that you and I fell
together deeply in
love, and I am so very
grateful for the chance
to have become us, as
before I was alone like
so many now among us,
for you gave me much
needed joy and so much
more, but now our time
is over as the sands of the
hour glass have foretold
us and all that love we
held for one another is
now fading from the light
turning to grey, true love
is very special with just
a very few that will make
it through for it is hard to
find and even harder to
hold. Even though It is
time to say goodbye to
what we had because
there is no sense in
living in the past you
will never be far from the
thoughts in my mind, for
I will always and forever
care for you and everything
that we went through it
has given us a bond that
will last till the end of
days. Thank you for all the
many years of laughter,
good times and even
tears but most of all for
the love of a very special
little boy, for in his eyes I
can see your soul, for it
has danced with mine
when our love flowed
you are him and he is you
no matter where you go
or what you do and that is
why he and I will always
have love for you.

Poets are not just writers of words we are translators of emotions from our souls as we break the code of encrypted feelings from our hearts.

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