Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 38: You are

The day that you and I met

I knew that I needed your love,
holding hands on a beach, kissing
under the moon, hugging each
other by a fire with the only thing
we have on is the honesty between
us. If I ever knew what true love
actually is, it was you, for you
were the one that made my heart
to start pounding causing it to
beat out the rhythm of the music
of love, that is when we looked
deeply into each other’s eyes
reaching through them and gabbing
on and holding on tight to our
lonely souls, that is when our
souls connected and yours started
to dance with mine. I believe that
you are my muse, you are the
words that flow from my ink, you
are all of the poetry from which
I write and think, you are the well
that shall never run dry, till the
day that I myself lay my quill down
and God takes me back home, You
see when I think about beauty
it is only you who I see, when I
think about a smile in my mind it
is you who is smiling back at me,
when I think about the sunsets
when the sun makes love to the
moon it is you on that blanket on
some hot midsummers night at
the beach under the stars and
full moon, you are every wish
that I have wished for whenever
I have seen a shooting star, you
are the princess in every story
that starts with a once upon a
time and I am the prince that
comes riding in for happily ever
after while holding you tight in
my arms, when we wake up in
the morning and look over at you
I know it will not be just a dream
for you are all the reasons for
believing that fairy tales do come
true as well as wishes from all
the wishing wells, blowing out
candles, and even falling stars too,
yes, it has always been you and
forever shall be that I do believe
in everything that I do for I know
now that dreams do come true.

That day we met I will always and forever regret that I ever fell in love with you.
Loving Feeling

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