Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 39: Loving Feeling

I have been looking for
a real True Love now what
Seems my entire life
Hoping to finally find that
“Loving feeling”
Wanting to find
a loving wife
I have given my love
away Freely to everyone
That I meet
yet it Never seems to
ever Want to come
back to me
All I ever get when
I say that I love you
is how much money do
you have or what Are you
going to do For me
Love is not a game
yet that is what
is always being played
or the joke is on me
A marriage first of all
Is between two people
And I do not care what
Gender they are when
Two people fall in
Love I raise a glass to
the couple and say cheers
to you all
When you stand in front of
GOD and say your sacred
wedding vows and you
say that I do
it means between
me and you
It does not mean I do
You and you and
If I have time maybe
Even you too
The problem is nobody
Wants to take the time
To fall in love anymore
Now it’s like standing in
Line at the DMV
Line number one is you Meet
line Number two is get married
line number three is divorce
Next in line now calling
number forty-four as I look down
and I am holding lucky number
One hundred and forty-four
so I wait and I wait finally
that is when I hear my number
get to the window and I say
I have tried to find love many
times and in too many places
Every religion and even color
and Races from East to
the west coast and beyond
yet I never even close my heart
still believes that true love
Is real and my soul keeps
writing poetry wishing that
It will one day be so and
probably always will. So, I
take a deep breath and
I look up to see what she
had to say back to me and
wait and wait and finally I get
answer, sir were you
talking to me? I am sorry
I am only the cleaning lady
and we closed early today
at three.

My heart may forever be breaking, but there are still enough pieces for all those that I meet, so if you seek my love you shall see that although I may be broken I will always be me.

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