Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 4: One more day

This time when I die I

hope it will be for last I
would rather not be
reborn for this world is
dying faster than at
anytime other time before
love is something different
than what it is supposed
to be replaced by quick
and easy divorces and
what is in it for me, hate
against your neighbors
for the color of your skin,
rapes and killings as far
as the eye can see, people
jailed for life and more for
smoking a damn old weed
while others who harm our
children are out walking
on the streets and free,
unemployment is up,
wages are down with whole
families now living on the
streets, kids are crying
babies dying of the cold
and going hungry. Mental
health Is on the rise as people
go insane no help to give them
so they must relive what
caused them to go crazy every
single day. Drug abuse is a
joke a war we lose more and
more today, how can fight a
war against yourself and a
government who makes more
money by arresting you while
keeping you in jail every day.
God is home but no one visits
his phone hardly ever rings
with so many false prophets
now reciting the bible in their
own way, Churches making
millions driving Maserati’s to
the airport to fly their jets
away. People needing help now
more than I have ever seen
yet when they ask not for
handouts but real help
everyone turns away so I say
once again if I die Lord please
let me stay that way I would
rather fly around in heaven
then stay here one more day.

You only need to open your eyes and listen to the impossible.

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