Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 40: A world without

Have you ever seen a

forest that has been
ravaged by a fire?
Have you sat in room in
complete and total
darkness afraid to say a
word for quite a long
while? Have you ever
seen a city laid to waste
after a war? Have you
ever felt the pain from a heart
that Has been broken and
torn? Have you felt the
anguish after losing a friend
to a disease like cancer
one that has no cure? Or
just fell down to the ground
to your knees and cried
missing someone you that
you loved who is no
longer here? Have you
seen a world where there
is no laughter or even joy
where the children
are hungry and they have
No toys, there is no love
no hope no future no
dreams, the reason
I am asking is pretty
simple one you see for
this was the answer that
I gave when asked the
question of what I thought
this world that we all live
in now might be like
if we did not have
any Poets or Poetry.

Poetry is a way for our souls to talk as our pens are filled with the pain of all our heartbreaks and broken dreams while we bleed out poetic emotional art onto paper that is made of sorrow and regret left from all the darkness that lives inside of us all.

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