Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 42: I, Myself, and Me

I know you don’t love

me anymore, but I wonder
now if you ever did
love me? I was always
there for you yet you
Were never there for me
and now that my eyes have
Been opened I can finally see
that even though I loved you
like you were my queen
no matter what I have
ever done you have never
loved me, now I
can look back when I
Believed that you were
my dream but the truth is
You were a nightmare in
disguise as it now
seems the devil was an
angel once and you’re
Not that far from
his truth a wolf in
sheep’s clothing and
I have all the proof, all of
these scars you see
On my broken heart
Were never there before
The day I met you and
All of these tears that
Fall I can’t recall of ever
have Fallen as my heart
Broke and tore, all the
Lies you told and different
guys you were with every
time you walked out the
door, tells me that who
I thought was angel was
Really nothing more than
just a whore, you can’t
keep running from the
truth every day when I am
raising a son who is not
my DNA, the truth is that
you never did love me I
Know that is true so
There is no point in staying
While only being used by you
That is why I have moved
Forward to try and salvage my
life redemption I look from an
abusive wife I am better than
that or I used to be maybe
One day I will find who I was
before I myself and me.

My soul got completely lost in that one brief moment of time, but my heart stepped in and helped to find its way home.

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