Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 43: But after all what is time?

But after all what is time?

but just a single grain of
sand in a dry and desert
land or even one drop of
water falling down from
the midnight sky as rain?
Maybe it is the single beat
of a broken heart or just
a frame of a fractured memory
leftover and forgotten
in the grey matters
of our mind, as we all
live our lives confined to
the one thing that we cannot
ever get back, Time. How do
we come to a computation
to get a reasonable equation
in the amount of love
that we will live in those
moments that we are given
from our creator who art in
heaven to all of his creations
then confined by the reality In
which we are driven into the
dreams of our life visions in
which we will and do remain,
as we all down here are only
but just humans with unreasonable
expectations through our many
emotions that we bottle up until
we have been shaken, and then
with no reasonable anticipation
of the whole climatic revelation
that we in the brief description
of who and what we are In the
realm of all our reality will and
without a doubt miss out and
even look back and wish for to
anyway and every way with
anybody that we can, then say we
are so very sorry that we have
squandered in the final thoughts
that we all will ponder just
before we move on and go to
heaven yonder, that if we could
have known then what we know
then we would of loved to have
had taken much more time
while making love. So as with
anything before our own demise.
please remember that we
that is you and me as a single
people not a race, color, gender,
religion, or creed have in fact
been given to us, no matter how
much or even how little down
here on this planet together, TIME.
If we take all the time that
we use to hate in this world and
use it for giving, receiving, showing,
and spreading love, peace, and
understanding to each other
this world would never waste time
by hating each other, and then
we could be making love all day and
night while living instead of creating
war and dying, which in my opinion
Is the way we should all live.

When your once upon a times do not turn into happily ever after’s, do not get to upset take heart and try to look at like it just was not the right story for you, see our lives are not bound by a fixed ending so take a blank page from your life’s book and keep writing until you find the ending you are looking for.

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