Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 44: If you have a beating heart

If you have a beating heart

that breaks and a soul that
dreams of things yet to come,
then you already know what
Poetry truly is, for it is just
that, as well as everything
that you feel inside and out,
it is all of the echoes of our
emotions that fill part of the
Poets ink wells, memories of
our past of all of the laughter
and tears also drip down upon
the page, with the thoughts
of the future that hold the
words of a Poet that once
written down in the pieces
of our life will then live forever,
never to fade away, Poetry and life
will always go hand in hand,
as we taste the experience on
the left and we feel the ink start
flow on the right as it
explains to others so they
may understand, and if they
get hurt on their own journey
they know that they are
never really alone as we
can give them healing hands.

Damaged souls and broken hearts are a poet’s ink, as peace and love is all they will ever need.

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