Love, Lust, or Something Else

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Chapter 45: Dreams of Laughter

I found this flower alone growing

in a field of emptiness
reminding me of how I feel
right now, the beautiful color
stood against the rest of
the burnt leaves and dying weeds
almost as if to say that even
among the chaos that is the
world today, the ugliness,
hate, wars, rapes, dying children,
homeless families, hopelessness,
and more that I with all
of my beauty have rose out despair
and sorrow, it’s delicate pedals
gasping for air reaching
up to light, fear not the evil of the night
for the light will always shine
through the darkest of days slaying
ye nightmares of the demons brigade
and the armies of the dark angels
from where the fires of
hell burn turning to dreams of
laughter and joy of the innocents
of newborns baby girls and boys
opening their eyes for the very first
time so we could see the soul God
looking back for that brief moment.

Out of the ashes life shall grow never give up on hope!

Poetry must first start in your soul than translated by your heart or it is nothing more than just words on paper.

True beauty is not always looking like a Barbie doll, Beauty comes from inside of all of us no matter what shape or size you may be. If you have a mind that can think on its own and you can feel from your soul and speak from your heart than you will always be a beauty queen to me.

Get past the see and look for the glow.

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